Resume interview | How bad are people who can't tell stories

Resume interview | How bad are people who can't tell stories?

A good story has two lives. The first time stems from "creation", and the second stems from "polishing". The first time comes from "creation", essentially because in the work scene, integrity is an extremely important quality, so in the process of writing resumes and interviews, the stories you tell must be truly created by you through hard work. This "creation" includes not only whether you can think of ways to solve the problem, but also whether you can really solve the problem through actions and create value. This good story that you "created" by yourself is usually circulated to people who have experienced it with you. The more people who understand the difficulty and your efforts, the more they will recognize your ability and appreciate you. quality. For the most part, our interviewers are unlikely to be the same people who go through these specifics with us. We need to take the interviewer through the journey you have been through again, and this time we need to tell a story, and tell a good story. Everyone's talent for storytelling is different. I do meet people who are particularly good at storytelling. When friends gather, when someone speaks, everyone's eyes can be focused on him, everyone is quiet, and their breathing follows the development of the story. A person who is particularly good at telling stories, the biggest characteristic is that through his narration, a picture will be produced in front of your eyes. If you want to be a person who can tell a good story, in addition to being rewarded by God, mastering the method and practicing diligently, you can also make up the gap the day after tomorrow. Today, I will share with you the topic of telling a good story with a combination of resumes and interview scenarios.

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