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Introduction: Programs are generally executed sequentially, but Python provides various control structures that allow changing the order in which statements are executed: for loops, while loops, as well as break, continue, and pass statements.

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1. Python loop statement
Programs are generally executed sequentially, and Python provides various control structures that allow for more complex execution paths.
A loop statement allows us to execute a statement or group of statements multiple times. The following is the general form of a loop statement in most programming languages:

Python provides two control loops, for loop and while loop, which you can also nest:

Loop typedescribe
while loop
Execute the loop body when the given condition is true, otherwise exit the loop body.
for loop
Repeat statement
nested loopYou can nest for loops within the body of the while loop
2. Loop Control Statement
Loop control statements can change the order in which statements are executed. Python supports the following loop control statements:

control statementdescribe
break statement
Terminates the loop during execution of the statement block and exits the entire loop
continue statement
Terminate the current loop during the execution of the statement block, jump out of this loop, and execute the next loop.
pass statement
pass is an empty statement to maintain the integrity of the program structure.

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