Markdown Practical Tips

Markdown practical tips: all of them are very cool to use introduction

font emphasis

Background color:
Markdown itself does not support background color setting, it needs to be implemented by built-in html: the bgcolor attribute of table tags, such as table, tr, td, etc., is used to realize the function of background color.
An example is as follows:

Example result:


1.Markdown practical tips. Inline code

Inline code can be marked with backticks (the backticks are usually located in the upper left corner of the keyboard, use English):
One sentence `inline code` One sentence.

One sentence of inline code .

2. Markdown practical tips.Multiple lines of code

Multi-line code is marked with 3 backticks (the backticks are usually located in the upper left corner of the keyboard, and English is used), and the language type can be followed by the first ``` , and no language type can be omitted without writing:


int a = 5;

The extended Markdown supports handwritten tables , and the format is very simple. The dividing line part of the second line can be used to control the content state.
Note that there is no table support in the Markdown standard (native) syntax, but most platforms now support this syntax, such as GitHub, CSDN, Jianshu, etc., so write it here:


Insert math formulas with LaTex
Line-level elements (inline) , line-level elements use $...$ , two $ represent the beginning and end of the formula.
Block-level elements (displayed) , block-level elements use $$...$$ . Block-level elements are centered by default.
Common Western Symbols
Superscript and subscript

Parentheses and square brackets are used directly, and curly brackets need to be escaped because they are used for grouping.

Typora's most commonly used shortcut keys

1.Insert picture: drag directly to the specified position or ctrl+shift+i
2.Insert link: ctrl+k
3.Code block: Ctrl+Shift+K
4.Formula block: Ctrl+Shift+M
5.Quote: Ctrl+Shift+Q
6.Ordered list: Ctrl+Shift+[
7.Unordered list: Ctrl+Shift+]
8.Increase indent: Ctrl+]
9.Decrease indent: Ctrl+[
10.Table: Ctrl+T
11.Zoom in: Ctrl+Shift+=
12.Zoom out: Ctrl+Shift+-
13.Show hidden sidebar: Ctrl+Shift+L
14.Outline View: Ctrl+Shift+1
15.Document List View: Ctrl+Shift+2
16.File tree view: Ctrl+Shift+3

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