Low-code makes everyone a developer

Introduction: With the rapid development of China's information technology, innovative technologies such as cloud computing, AI, and 5G have been more applied to the reform of educational means and the sharing of educational resources. The "Feitian Acceleration Plan" proposed by Alibaba Cloud is also in the post-epidemic era, helping Chinese universities to cultivate a new batch of innovative talents through cloud power.

According to the data in the "Cloud Computing White Paper (2021)" of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, my country's cloud computing market will grow explosively in 2020, with an overall scale of 209.1 billion yuan, a growth rate of 56.6%. Among them, the size of the public cloud market increased by 85.2% compared with 2019. In addition, as early as 2020, the China Employment Training Technical Guidance Center of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security jointly released the first batch of 13 new digital occupations. In the next five years, the talent demand for each new occupation will exceed one million. Among them, there are nearly 1.5 million cloud computing engineers and technicians and nearly 5 million artificial intelligence talents.
In response to the massive demand for digital talents created by the booming digital economy, Alibaba Cloud launched the "practice at home" project in 2020 to provide free ECS computing resources for college students. After that, Alibaba Cloud further developed it into the "Flying Acceleration Program", which accumulated 640 million hours of free ECS computing power. More than 70,000 teachers and students from 2,200 colleges and universities learned about cloud computing and used the power of cloud to conveniently use computing resources. Develop your own app.
As a personal participant and actual beneficiary of Alibaba Cloud's "Feitian Acceleration Program", Professor Zhuge Bin from the School of Information and Electronic Engineering, Zhejiang Gongshang University shared his experience and gains in the process of professional course teaching and discipline practice. From the development of the smart party building system, to the compilation of low-code teaching materials, to the establishment of the first low-code start-up company, Zhuge Bin is leading his team to continuously explore and practice on the road of cloud-based new engineering talent training.

【Low-code makes everyone a developer】"Feitian Acceleration Program" helps students start cloud practice

Zhuge Bin's current main research directions are computer network and cloud computing, smart education, etc., and won the first prize of Zhejiang Province Technology Invention Award. In addition to teaching programming, he also pays close attention to the agile development of Internet applications, and guides students to complete the development of a variety of smart education platforms, thus winning provincial awards in Internet+, Challenge Cup and other competitions. In 2021, Zhuge Bin and his team launched a series of cooperation with Alibaba Cloud in the Ministry of Education's Industry-University Cooperation Collaborative Education Project.
With the support of Alibaba Cloud's "Flying Acceleration Program", Zhuge Bin migrated the local stand-alone course experiments to the ECS cloud server to carry out the teaching reform of the course "Advanced Network Communication Principles". This course is aimed at undergraduates and postgraduates of related majors in colleges and universities. It uses virtualized experimental tools to build a set of systematic advanced network communication principle practice courses, and adopts "custom building blocks" to design courses to flexibly adapt to the needs of various differentiated audiences. need.
Zhuge Bin introduced that "Principles of Advanced Network Communication" is a traditional course of the college. For a long time, the teaching mode of this kind of course is generally in the form of PPT to describe theoretical knowledge, and the content of the experimental part is completed in the computer room. The computer room that meets the experimental requirements needs to be built by the college itself, and equipment such as switches and routers must be configured. The construction process is time-consuming and labor-intensive. At the same time, it costs 700,000 to 800,000 yuan to complete the equipment purchase and laboratory construction. In addition, the network equipment is updated quickly and the maintenance frequency is high. The replacement and maintenance costs of the equipment are not a small sum. "The construction of the network experiment environment requires a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources, and the teaching cost for students to do experiments remains high."
After participating in the "Feitian Acceleration Program", the college made full use of the ECS cloud server resources provided by Alibaba Cloud, Tianchi AI training platform, and Yunqi laboratory resources, etc., and adjusted the teaching mode, especially the experimental courses. "The experimental environment is now installed on Alibaba Cloud's cloud host, which reduces maintenance costs and provides greater flexibility in use." Zhuge Bin said, deploying each experiment with the help of Yunqi Lab's image service The required environment, students no longer have to worry about the installation of the experimental environment, and can fully focus on the experiment itself.
At present, Zhuge Bin is leading students to carry out a number of network experiment projects including basic network principle experiments, Mininet, OpenvSwitch , OpenDaylight , etc. through Yunqi Lab. Through the "Feitian Acceleration Program", after a teacher submits an application for a course, he can get 50 free Alibaba Cloud accounts, and each account can be used for 3 months for free, which just covers one semester. After students get an account, they can complete the experimental content on the cloud by themselves, and they can practice the course even if they are not in the laboratory, realizing fragmented learning anytime, anywhere.

【 Low-code makes everyone a developer 】Schools and enterprises teamed up to educate people and build low-code teaching materials

. In addition to taking the express train of cloud technology in the daily teaching process, Alibaba Cloud organized new technology application training for college teachers. Inspired by Zhuge Bin. In August 2021, Zhuge Bin led the postgraduate team to participate in the training camp course of the 2021 summer AI training platform held by Alibaba Cloud Tianchi. During the training, he first came into contact with Dingding Yida low-code development.
Yida is a cloud nail low-code application development platform. Users do not need too much code knowledge and programming foundation, and can be combined into some simple system management by simply dragging and dropping components. An application that takes 2 weeks to develop under the traditional mode should be completed in 2 hours.
After fully understanding the Yida application platform, Zhuge Bin is full of confidence in its prospects. "In the future, low-code will become a must-have skill for everyone, just like Word, Excel, and PPT." The idea was born, and at the same time, the plan to offer low-code courses and lead students to low-code development came into being.
In September 2021, Zhuge Bin led a developer team composed of students from different colleges to conduct multi-field system development through the appropriate low-code development platform, built a smart party building system, and realized the digitization of party building work. Today, the smart party building system has been deployed in the party building organizational structure of the School of Information and Electronic Engineering, Zhejiang Gongshang University. After subsequent improvement, it will be extended to the construction of smart colleges and smart campuses.
Zhuge Bin recalled that when they first came into contact with low-code development, students encountered various problems due to their vague understanding of concepts. The training experts from Yida not only came to the site many times to give lectures, but also patiently answered various questions of the students and provided guidance. "This makes the students interested and confident to continue."
The system development process is the best path for students to master low-code programming technology. After the accumulation of theoretical study and practical experience, Zhuge Bin led the team to combine knowledge points with application cases, and together with Yida's training team, compiled the first domestic Yida low-code development textbook "DingTalk Low-Code Development Zero Foundation" Getting Started," which is expected to be published in April 2022. Zhuge Bin said that by learning this textbook, "even people without any programming foundation can use the Yida platform."
In terms of talent training and innovation and entrepreneurship, Zhuge Bin encourages students to independently develop low-code application systems, participate in various innovation and entrepreneurship projects, write software and publish scientific papers, and explore innovative and entrepreneurial ideas through practice, so as to truly apply what they have learned. .
It is worth mentioning that in December 2021, Zhuge Bin and his student team jointly established the first domestic college student start-up company with low-code suitable for use as the main business-Hangzhou Yiyu Technology Co., Ltd. At present, the company Has become a DingTalk product solution service provider.
Industry-academic cooperation and collaborative education to cultivate high-quality new engineering talents
Zhuge Bin likened the Ministry of Education's industry-university collaborative education project to a sieve, because it screened out and gathered teachers who are interested in related fields across the country, allowing colleges and universities to Teachers and enterprises carry out multi-dimensional cooperation, exchange and learn from each other, and achieve common growth.
"For some very new technologies in Alibaba, we have not had the opportunity to systematically learn them even if we have seen them in the past. Now, Alibaba has implemented these latest technologies on Alibaba Cloud, so that we can understand them as soon as possible, and then we can put them into practice. Bring these new things back to the school and let the students learn it, so that the students can master the latest technology at the fastest speed and keep up with the pace of the times. ” Zhuge Bin said.
When it comes to talent training for digital industries based on Alibaba Cloud, he believes that the most cutting-edge IT technologies are developed in front-line companies. In the process of cultivating new engineering talents in colleges and universities, companies need to integrate new technologies and new ideas. Timely feedback to colleges and universities, colleges and universities will make teaching content for new technologies, and then teach them to students. Alibaba Cloud's industry-university cooperation project is advancing step by step following this principle and model.
Zhuge Bin said, "In this way, students with theoretical knowledge and practical experience of new technologies can use new technologies as soon as possible when they are employed. For enterprises, it also contributes talents to them. For society, the It is a powerful driving force for innovation in digital technology.”
About "Feitian Acceleration Plan":
" Feitian Acceleration Plan" is a project launched by Alibaba Cloud in 2020. By providing free ECS computing resources for college teachers, students and developers across the country, it will accelerate the popularization of cloud computing on campus and help cultivate new digital infrastructure. talent. Since its release, the "Feitian Acceleration Plan" has accumulated 640 million hours of free ECS computing power. More than 70,000 teachers and students in 2,200 colleges and universities have learned about cloud computing, and they can use the power of the cloud to easily use computing resources to develop their own applications. Build a "small and beautiful" world on the cloud, and achieve yourself at the same time.
In 2021, Alibaba Cloud will continue to increase its weight and launch the "Feitian Acceleration Plan 2.0", which is committed to providing resource support worth 1.5 billion yuan within three years, helping developers to innovate in applications, helping developers grow throughout their life cycle, and cultivating innovative talents in the digital age. .

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