Graphical Python | Pass Statement

Graphical Python | Pass Statement

Graphical Python | Pass Statement.In Python, sometimes the program needs to occupy a position or put a statement, but it does not want the statement to do anything. At this time, it can be achieved elegantly through pass.
Python-pass statement
Python pass is an empty statement to preserve the integrity of the program structure.
pass does nothing and is generally used as a placeholder statement.
The syntax of the Python language pass statement is as follows:

Here is the code sample (the code can be run in an online python3 environment ):
for letter in ' ItIsShowMeAI ' :
if letter == 'h' :
print( 'This is the pass block' )
print( 'Current letter:' , letter)

print( "Complete!" )
The execution result of the above example:
Current letter: I
Current letter: t
Current letter: I
Current letter: s
Current letter: S
This is the pass block
Current letter: h
Current letter: o
Current letter: w
Current letter: M
Current letter: e
Current letter: A
Current letter: I
Done !

Graphical Python | Pass Statement.Data and code download

The code of this tutorial series can be downloaded from the corresponding github of ShowMeAI and can be run in the local python environment. Babies who can access Google can also use google colab to run and learn interactively with one click!
The Python cheat sheets covered in this tutorial series can be downloaded from:
•Python cheat sheet

Graphical Python | Pass Statement.Extended References

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