How Visual Computing Will Change Production

1、 The Challenge of Visualizing Business

1. Metaverse Enterprise

The concept or scene depicted by the metaverse is how to construct a virtual world. How to have more interaction and communication with the real world in this virtual world. There are many types of technologies involved in this, and there is an important one at the bottom that is related to visual computing technology. The entire process of human processing multimedia information is actually a continuous process from simplicity to complexity, from abstraction to concrete. This process is actually a manifestation of a person's pursuit of efficiency. So the goal of launching a series of technical means or products is to truly represent the real world. The purpose of doing so is actually efficiency, which greatly improves the efficiency of production and life.

2. The Challenge of Visualizing Business

The three elements of traditional visualization business applications are high-performance interactive terminals, visualization computing platforms, and visualization applications. Even though its constituent elements are very simple, there are actually many challenges for visualizing business, such as the following four points:

• digital rights management risk: the industry relies on high-quality applications, models and data; High quality applications, models, and data have extremely high cost and commercial value; The risk of offline and local deployment is also enormous.

Limited computing power: high fidelity model value, XR terminal computing power constraints, workstation computing power constraints, business changes and computing power, and local deployment scenario constraints.

• Lack of interoperability: terminals and applications, terminals and platforms, applications and platforms, applications and infrastructure, platforms and infrastructure, terminals and infrastructure.

Complex and inefficient business: early communication, search for solutions, adaptive research and development, integrated delivery, maintenance and expansion.

2、 Alibaba Cloud Visual Computing Solution

Based on the above pain points, Alibaba Cloud needs to provide users with visual computing services. Alibaba Cloud's open and co built visual computing solutions include data security without risk, unlimited computing power coverage, open interface interoperability, and cloud integration and ecology.

1. Visual computing services

Visual computing services will provide a range of products and solutions, including underlying high-performance and stable computing resources. In addition, it will provide users with more services related to optimizing the performance of computing resources, which are called performance optimization services. Provide high-definition encoding solutions and high-definition video streaming transmission solutions for video computing, and also provide instances of resource level decoupling pooling (graphical decoupling instances).

2. Heterogeneous computing infrastructure

At present, the largest heterogeneous computing cluster in Asia has been built on the public cloud. The largest base of the cluster is the Dragon Computing Platform, which is the underlying virtualization base. On top of this, we have collaborated with numerous partners to launch a series of computing instances. In order for these computing resources to be more efficiently utilized by users, there will be a series of acceleration tools and optimization solutions, including cloud native technology and GPU cluster building. In addition, there are a series of instances of pooling and decoupling.

Encoding acceleration technology: Video encoding and decoding is a very low-level part of the video computing field, and Alibaba Cloud is responsible for laying the foundation and enabling customers to focus more on their own business.

Decoupling graphic acceleration technology: In the process of serving users, it is found that the resources of the GPU are limited by the model dimension, and it is often encountered that certain resource configurations of this model cannot meet the requirements. But ECS has a wide variety of CPU configurations. Coupling two pooling methods can meet different resource coordination requirements of users. To solve this problem, remote rendering technology has been developed, using Ali-VPC to connect ECS instances with EG instances.

Local cloud: There are many ways for users to deploy their business, and in addition to the central region, it also supports multiple forms of deployment in one cloud. In the future, Alibaba Cloud data centers will be built in cities close to users, and this data center can solve the problem of latency.

Cloud Box Method: The hardware infrastructure of public clouds (including computing, storage, and network) is deployed in the customer's data center to meet business requirements such as data security, local data processing, and low latency. After the customer purchases, Alibaba Cloud will deliver and install the corresponding hardware to the designated computer room, making it easy to create elastic computing instances on the cloud box and easily use various Alibaba Cloud services.

3、 Advantages in Visual Computing

As shown in the above figure, the advantages of Alibaba Cloud products include:

• Dragon computing architecture: CPU&memory full delivery, virtualization without loss; High bandwidth and low latency for network and storage IO; The instance stability is 99.975% higher.

GPU instance specification family: high main frequency&supports the most diverse GPU accelerators, supports more scenarios with the most diverse specifications and configurations, and is the largest GPU cluster in Asia, providing flexibility at any time.

Feitian performance acceleration software: GPU computing load optimization, reduced TCO, reduced latency, and improved terminal experience.

EAIS.EG graphic decoupling acceleration example: breaking through hardware performance limitations and providing mechanism performance to cope with large models; CPU and GPU are completely decoupled, achieving ultimate computing flexibility and adapting to all scenarios.

Super encoding, decoding, and transmission platform: Extreme optimization of encoding, reducing bandwidth costs.

To summarize, Alibaba Cloud has been reserving low-level capabilities in the past few years, with excellent computing infrastructure. It will also optimize performance on top of the computing infrastructure and provide corresponding services. Work with partners to provide more complete services for this industry.

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