Docker Architecture and Instructions for Common Commands

Introduction: This article is a basic introduction to the image management container Docker. It mainly explains the architecture of Docker and some common basic commands of Docker. Finally, the event state in Docker is introduced through a picture. Through the study of this article, you can have an overall understanding of Docker and lay the foundation for in-depth study of Docker in the future.

【Docker Architecture and Instructions for Common Commands】Docker Architecture

•The Docker Daemon:
•Docker Daemon is responsible for monitoring Docker API requests
•Manage Docker objects:
•Image: Image.static, will not run
•An image is a read-only instruction template for creating a Docker container
•An image is usually based on another image
•Can create custom images
•Container: Container. Dynamic, with a life cycle
•A container is a running instance of an image
•can be created, run, stopped, moved and deleted using the Docker API or CLI command line interface
•You can connect a Docker container to one or more networks, connect storage to the container, or create a new image based on the current state of the container
•Network : Network
•Container Volume: Volume. Persistent Storage
•Plugins : Plugins
•The Docker Client:
•Docker Client is a tool for users to interact with Docker
•Docker commands use the Docker API
•Docker Registries:
•Docker Registry is responsible for storing Docker images
•Docker Hub and Docker Cloud are public Docker repositories, and Docker searches for images from Docker Hub by default
•Can run private repositories

【Docker Architecture and Instructions for Common Commands】Docker program environment

•docker- ce configuration file:
•/etc/docker/daemon.json _ _ _
Docker common commands
docker searchSearch images from Docker Hub
docker image pullDownload mirror from registry
docker image lslist mirrors
docker container lslist containers
docker container createCreate new container
docker container runrun the container
docker container startstart the container
docker container attachConnect to a running container
docker container logsGet container logs
docker container restartrestart a container
docker container stopStop a running container
docker container killForce stop a running container
docker container rmdelete container
docker container execExecute external command in container
•Docker event status:

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