Alibaba Cloud mirror station download address of CentOS Stream

Introduction: The download address of the Alibaba Cloud mirror station of CentOS Stream

【Alibaba Cloud mirror station download address of CentOS Stream】1. Why use CentOS Stream

The CentOS project will henceforth focus solely on CentOS Stream as the upstream/development branch of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The publisher encourages CentOS 8 users to start the transition to CentOS Stream 8. At the same time, Red Hat also said that Intel will be working with them and the community on CentOS Stream. Red Hat also talked about Facebook using a spin-off of CentOS Stream in their data centers.
Official homepage:
CentOS Stream is not a replacement for CentOS Linux; rather, it is a natural, inevitable next step to achieve the project's goal of furthering enterprise Linux innovation.
Centos Stream is a rolling Linux distribution after Centos 8.
At the end of 2021, Centos 8 will be out of maintenance, at which time Centos Stream will be continuously updated as an upstream branch of RHEL.
In the Red Hat open source development model, Red Hat develops the Red Hat Enterprise Linux source code on CentOS Stream before releasing a new version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, making CentOS Stream a preview of future versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
So when we learn the centos system, we need to download: CentOS Stream
Alibaba Cloud Mirror Website:
Aliyun centos Stream mirror address:

【Alibaba Cloud mirror station download address of CentOS Stream】2. Why use Alibaba Cloud to provide the mirror address?

The mirror address provided by Alibaba Cloud is in China, and the download speed is definitely much faster than that of foreign addresses.
The Alibaba Cloud image address will regularly synchronize the official website image, which can maintain a relatively new image.
The Alibaba Cloud image address is safe enough, and there will be no illegal scripts in the image. Compared with unknown third-party small websites, you don't know if there will be some backdoors in the mirror.
When downloading, note that the paths of 8-stream and 9-stream are different.

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