Use application groups to complete multi-cluster one-click deployment


In actual application delivery practice, it is often necessary to deploy the same application to multiple clusters at the same time. The application center supports one-click deployment of applications defined by the same data source to multiple clusters in the form of application groups to achieve unified management.
An application group is a collection of a series of applications. These applications all have the same data source, but the deployment target clusters or namespaces are different. The related concepts are shown in the following figure:

how to use

Add multiple clusters to the application center

Enter the application center, click "Settings" in the upper right corner to enter the cluster setting page, and add the clusters that you want to deploy applications to the control range of the application center by adding the cluster function.

Create application group

On the "Application" page, click "Create Application", specify the application parameters and create it.

The name will be used as the application group name. If the application group name is app-set, the application center will automatically create a series of applications app-set-0, app-set-1, etc.

The data source can choose Git warehouse, Helm warehouse or ACK orchestration template.

You can choose any number of target clusters, and each cluster can independently specify the deployment namespace.

view application group

After the creation is complete, the "Application" page will list the application group and all applications in the group.

Deploy to target cluster

Click "Deploy all applications" to select the entire application group and deploy the applications in the group to the target cluster at the same time, or specify the deployment of some applications in the group separately.

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