SQL Server Comparison: AWS vs Azure

We'll examine a recent benchmark that Principled Technologies released on February 25 in this blog. When compared directly to an Azure E64 32s v4 VM, the benchmark discovered that an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) R5b.8xlarge instance provided higher performance for a SQL Server workload at a lower cost. aws vs azure pricing 2022

the study's rationale Understanding how an AWS EC2 R5b instance improved SQL Server performance at a cheaper cost.
aws vs azure pricing 2022. Principled Technologies tested an OLTP workload for SQL Server 2019 on Azure E64 32s v4 and an R5b instance on Amazon EC2 with storage from Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS). Because both instances have similar standards for input/output operations per second (IOPS) performance, this specific Azure VM was chosen as an equivalent to the R5b instance. utilize identical-generation (Cascade Lake) Intel Xeon processors and provide the same number of cores (32). In order to provide a direct comparison between instances, Principled Technologies maxed out the IOPS specifications on both the Azure VM and the EC2 instance (which used Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)) for storage.

The study's motivation: Why TPC-C workloads?
All IT infrastructure providers have made online transaction processing (OLTP) a top priority for optimization in an effort to draw enterprise workloads from different market verticals, such as banking, e-commerce websites, and financial markets. Principled Technologies used HammerDB's TPROC-C OLTP benchmark, which simulates a TPC-C workload, to carry out this study. In our target client category, which is looking to execute Microsoft SQL Workloads on cloud-based infrastructure, the HammerDB OLTP benchmark is more extensively used. We acknowledge that TPC-E has more tables, columns, transaction types, check constraints, and referential integrity, which adds to its intricacy. However, since HammerDB's TPROC-C workload is a freely available technology, we chose to use it because it would enable our target consumers to replicate our experiment and verify our assertions and conclusions. We intend to share the TPC-E based benchmarking results as a follow-up if Microsoft chooses to open source their TPC-E implementation.

the benefits of using AWS for your Windows and SQL Server workloads
These outcomes are not shocking to us. They actually align with the success users have had running Windows on AWS for more than 12 years. Moving their Windows, SQL Server, and.NET workloads to AWS has improved performance and increased cost savings for clients including Pearson and Expedia. In order to reduce outgoing bandwidth costs while enhancing agility and speed, RepricerExpress actually moved its Windows and SQL Server infrastructures from Azure to AWS. The findings of this experiment with Principled Technologies show that AWS provides better price-performance for all Windows workloads as well as better methods for running Windows in the cloud. AWS is prepared to assist you in maximizing the benefits of the cloud, whether you want to migrate your databases to EC2, switch to managed with Amazon Relational Database for SQL Server (RDS), or even modernize to cloud-native databases.

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