Cloud Pricing Comparison: AWS vs Azure vs GCP

Date: Oct 24, 2022

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Abstract: Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS offer hundreds of different products, with their own service structures, technologies, and pricing models. Let's compare them here.

Comparison of cloud pricing for AWS, Azure, and GCP

It should be noted that researching this cloud pricing comparison is not an easy undertaking. Each platform's total pricing structure might vary significantly depending on the service selected, the resources used, the type of workload, the location, the number of instances, and a long list of other considerations. Each of Azure, AWS, and GCP has its own pricing estimator and uses a different naming scheme for each of its services. Everything depends on how your company plans to use the cloud. The scenery is constantly shifting, which adds even more spice to the situation aws vs azure vs google cloud pricing!

The fact that AWS, Azure, and GCP all provide a pay as you go, consumption-based approach is a key area of overlap aws vs azure vs google cloud pricing.

Zones of availability

In terms of cloud computing, AWS has a five-year advantage, as was already mentioned. This is seen in the service's extensive global reach, which places it top in terms of accessibility. But don't let this stop you from trying other things. Globally, there are numerous zones and regions where GCP and Azure are both accessible aws vs azure vs google cloud pricing.


When comparing the prices of different cloud providers, it can be challenging to make accurate comparisons. It is difficult to compare prices because every supplier has different plans, discounts, and features. Instead, we'll discuss the approximate amount of money an ordinary user may expect to spend aws vs azure vs google cloud pricing.

Pricing Models for AWS

Let's examine AWS pricing structures in greater depth.

In-Stock Pricing

Pay-as-you-go is the standard AWS pricing model, and you are billed for services based on actual usage per hour or per second. Although it is the most expensive choice, it is versatile. Many businesses begin with on-demand pricing before switching to alternative models as they become more familiar with their cloud requirements.

Reserved Situations

Pre-order instances from Amazon for a term of one or three years, and you'll save up to 75% compared to the on-demand price. When you need to scale down Reserved Instances, you cannot delete them in the Reserved Instance model (however, you can sell Reserved Instances on a dedicated Amazon Marketplace aws vs azure vs google cloud pricing).

What platform is best for your company?

Your specific use case will ultimately determine which cloud platform you choose. Numerous businesses seek multi-cloud strategies that make use of the services provided by various cloud providers as the market expands. Even when it comes down to it, how you buy your cloud services might make a difference when comparing the exact same service for the same purpose in the same location. What do you like about the supplier from whom you are purchasing them? Who is assisting you in making sense of this?

Making the right choice for your company can be facilitated by working with a knowledgeable cloud provider. To find out how Sherweb can help with your cloud needs, consult our partner guide.

Instances of Reserved Virtual Machines (RVMIs)

Azure RVMIs are pre-ordered virtual machines that, in some countries, require a commitment of 1 or 3 years. RVMIs can save you up to 72% compared to pay-as-you-go rates.

During the period, Azure may decide to swap out an RVMI with another instance. The cancellation of Reserved Instances by the user before to the term's conclusion will result in an early termination cost.

This price structure is appropriate for businesses with a set budget, large applications that consistently employ a particular number of virtual machines, and applications with a stable load (such as a central management component).

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