Alibaba Cloud RDS MySQL and AWS RDS Performance

MySQL represents the rapid evolution of open source databases aws vs alibaba cloud pricing.

Starting from lightweight Web 2.0 applications such as Wiki and WordPress around 2004, Alibaba used MySQL databases on a large scale in e-commerce and payment scenarios in 2010, and in 2012, Alibaba Cloud RDS for MySQL provided thousands of Customers provide reliable relational database services. Alibaba Cloud RDS has accumulated many requirements from internal and external functions, performance, and security, and has created an AliSQL branch for enterprise scenarios, including rich enterprise-level database features:

DynamicThreadPool (DTP): Dynamically manages the database thread pool in the kernel, continuously supports a large number of database connection requests through limited resources, and maintains efficient and stable request processing capabilities aws vs alibaba cloud pricing.

IndexMutexTuning (IMT): Through IMT optimization, the cost of index node splitting is greatly reduced, and the processing capability of TPCC-like scenarios is greatly improved. In the full-memory test, the single machine reached a TpmC of 39W, which is 35-50% higher than the native version.

TDE&SM4: Newly optimized TDE data encryption, and supports domestic encryption algorithm SM4.

PerformanceInsight: Expands various information for database SQL performance, including table statistics, index statistics, SQL single performance data, IO statistics, and key performance data output aws vs alibaba cloud pricing.

AsyncFilePurge: Optimize the deletion of large tables to effectively reduce the impact of system IO jitter aws vs alibaba cloud pricing.

SlowLogRotate: Design a switching mechanism for slow logs, which can effectively reduce the unstable impact caused by a large number of slow logs aws vs alibaba cloud pricing.

SQLOutline: By optimizing the SQL statement execution plan through Hint, it can ensure that the SQL execution plan remains unchanged under various environmental changes, such as major version upgrades and statistical information changes.

StatementConcurrencyControl (SCC): DBA can intervene system statement execution through SCC, control the concurrency of specific SQL current limit, and ensure the stable operation of the database in emergency state.

DDLRecycleBin: A recycle bin is added to the kernel to prevent irreparable damage caused by incorrect execution of DROPTABLE/TRUNCATE TABLE.

As a benchmark in the global cloud market, AWS is the target that other cloud vendors are constantly catching up with. After ten years of sharpening a sword, after ten years of development of Alibaba's MySQL database, who will have better performance compared to Alibaba Cloud RDS MySQL and AWS RDS? This article will find out.

01. Test overview
This test compares the performance of Alibaba Cloud RDS general-purpose instance (version 5.7/8.0) and AWS RDS general-purpose T3 instance under the OLTP read-write hybrid model. The standard sysbench 1.0 tool was used for testing, and the chosen specification was the 8-core 32GB specification database. The test scenario is a memory hit scenario with 250 tables, each with 25,000 rows of data.

The test conclusion is to compare the T3 AWS RDS 5.7/8.0 with the best performance under the same specifications and the RDS general-purpose instance of the corresponding version of Alibaba Cloud. About 80% higher.

02. Test environment

AWS RDS general-purpose instances are divided into four types,
According to the actual measurement in the early stage, with the same number of CPU cores and memory specifications, the T3 instance has the best performance. The chosen size is t3.2xlarge with 8 vCPUs.

The master-slave synchronization of AWS RDS does not rely on binlog. For the description of the synchronization method, see:
In the case of cross-AZ, AWS RDS is synchronously written, so in the comparison test, Alibaba Cloud RDS uses multi-availability zone + semi-synchronous open + default strict parameter template.

03. Test data
3.1 RDS 5.7 mixed read/write scenario
Under different concurrency conditions, Alibaba Cloud RDS 5.7 has better performance than AWS.

The peak QPS of Alibaba Cloud RDS 5.7 is 80.41% higher than that of AWS

3.2 RDS 8.0 mixed read/write scenario
Under different concurrency conditions, Alibaba Cloud RDS 8.0 has better performance than AWS.

The peak QPS of Alibaba Cloud RDS 8.0 is 77.88% higher than that of AWS

04. Summary and Outlook
It can be seen from the above test data that Alibaba Cloud RDS general-purpose instances have greater advantages than AWS RDS. Alibaba Cloud Database RDS MySQL will continue to run fast in 2020. In addition to performance, it will continue to build core database capabilities around enterprise demands, covering security, reliability, availability, scalability, and many other aspects.

Gartner predicts that by 2021, cloud databases will account for 50% of the entire database market for the first time; by 2023, 75% of databases will run on cloud platforms.

In November last year, the internationally renowned research organization Gartner announced the results of the 2019 Global Database Magic Quadrant. Alibaba Cloud successfully entered the "Challenger" quadrant and was selected as the only Chinese company for two consecutive years.

According to Gartner statistics, Alibaba Cloud has ranked third in the global cloud database market share and first in the Chinese market, with an annual growth rate of 116%. At present, more than 400,000 database instances have been migrated to Alibaba Cloud, including leading enterprises in government affairs, retail, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, logistics and other fields.

Only by maintaining the momentum of fast running can we continue to lead in the increasingly severe competitive environment and meet the rapid growth needs of cloud enterprises. Alibaba Cloud Database RDS MySQL has always been at the forefront.

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