Xingdian talks about the three major directions of Alibaba Cloud's regrowth

Xingdian talks about the three major directions of Alibaba Cloud's regrowth:

"Doing a Deep Foundation": Defining Hardware from Feitian Cloud Operating System Downwards

"Being a thick middle platform": Deeply integrate new operating systems such as DingTalk with Alibaba Cloud to achieve "integration of cloud and nails Alibaba Cloud Summit"

"Strengthen the ecosystem": Build a prosperous application service ecosystem based on cloud and new operating systems Alibaba Cloud Summit

1. "Cloud Nail Integration": Creating a New Operating System
1 A new operating system is needed from the information age to the digital age: Zhongtai is such a new operating system, and DingTalk is the core of this operating system

A "cloud nail integration" is like the combination of PC and Windows in the information age. Enterprises need both a new computing architecture such as cloud and a new operating system such as nails. This is a whole

- This operating system makes it easier for enterprises to develop their own applications for big data, intelligence, IoT, and mobility

2. "Do a deep foundation": extend down to define hardware Alibaba Cloud Summit
1. Extend the definition of hardware along the Feitianyun operating system, and increase self-research efforts in the fields of chips, servers, switches, networks, etc.

A "deep foundation" is not a simple replacement, but a complete set of basic systems based on the characteristics of the Alibaba Cloud Summit

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