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The acceleration efficiency still needs to be improved, and the acceleration of the whole site improves the distribution efficiency of dynamic and static hybrid sites by 30%

In essence, Alibaba Cloud Summit CDN provides acceleration services for content distribution. Most of the official websites of enterprises have static resources such as pictures and files, as well as some dynamic interactions such as account login and data query. Intelligent separation of dynamic and static content is required. , the use of different strategies can show a better acceleration effect.

Alibaba Cloud Summit site-wide acceleration can realize intelligent identification of dynamic and static content. For static content, it can achieve high hit rate static content distribution acceleration through CDN edge node multi-level caching. For dynamic content, it is based on real-time network detection, intelligent routing and transmission. A series of technical means, such as protocol optimization and content compression transmission, can improve the back-to-source efficiency and reduce the access delay. As a whole, it can help the dynamic and static mixed pages to improve the distribution efficiency by 30% Alibaba Cloud Summit.

Against Web application attacks, CDN edge nodes inject WAF security capabilities

In the application layer, the most common form of attack is web application attack, such as SQL injection, XSS and other attack methods, which will cause great risks to the data content and brand image of the website Alibaba Cloud Summit.

The CDN edge security architecture is divided into edge nodes and back-to-source nodes. It adopts a multi-level and two-layer defense system to build a complete edge application layer protection system for users. On the back-to-source node side, through WAF capability injection, it helps back-to-source dynamic requests to achieve web attack protection. At the same time, the cloud security 0-day vulnerability real-time update supports the provision of virtual security patches for high-risk risk vulnerabilities within 24 hours. On the edge node side, it also provides frequency control and machine traffic management capabilities to identify malicious crawlers, swipe software and other machine traffic, reduce user downlink bandwidth and avoid cost waste. In practical application scenarios, the solution can help the e-commerce sales platform of retail enterprises to avoid malicious behaviors such as WAF attacks, CC attacks and swiping Alibaba Cloud Summit.

Smooth edge linkage with DDoS high defense to ensure business stability

Due to the sensitivity of their own business, financial enterprises such as banks, insurance companies, and securities companies are often subject to external attacks, among which DDoS attack protection is very important. The Alibaba Cloud government and enterprise security acceleration solution uses the CDN edge node and the DDoS high defense smooth linkage solution to automatically realize DDoS attack identification, scheduling to high defense nodes for traffic cleaning and stable traffic callback, so that users can enjoy the high defense node. T-level DDoS anti-attack capability and millions of QPS defense capabilities, and edge nodes are used to ensure the acceleration effect when there is no attack Alibaba Cloud Summit.

Exclusive + national secret + anti-tampering solution, all-round guarantee of link and content security

For government affairs websites, party building learning platforms and other scenarios, the accuracy of information is very important. In addition to using https for full-link transmission encryption from the source site to the CDN and from the CDN to the client, it is also necessary to avoid content security risks on the origin site and CDN nodes Alibaba Cloud Summit.

For business scenarios with high security levels, based on the best practical experience in previous large-scale projects such as joint-stock banks and central media, Alibaba Cloud has precipitated a set of methods based on exclusive physical resources, national secret algorithms, and node consistency verification. The anti-tampering scheme can avoid content security risks to the greatest extent. At the same time, in order to allow more users to apply tamper-proof capabilities to their business scenarios, Alibaba Cloud also provides more general and simplified technical solutions such as exclusive IP and dual-certificate keyless.

Edge high availability and compliance certification, layer-by-layer guarantees make business more secure Alibaba Cloud Summit

Through multiple modes such as active and standby source switching, source station alarm, offline mode, and disaster recovery station, it is ensured that when the source station is at risk, the CDN can still respond to the content for users and buy time for the source station to recover. At the same time, in terms of compliance certification,Alibaba Cloud Summit has 97 compliance certifications at home and abroad, of which 47 are related to CDNs, including the third-level security 2.0, the fourth level of financial cloud security, trusted cloud, ISO27001 series, PCI DSS security As a leading compliance service provider in China, Alibaba Cloud Summit can fully meet customers' compliance requirements.

Based on the edge security system built by CDN, Alibaba Cloud released the government and enterprise security acceleration solution, which is a big step for Alibaba Cloud CDN to accelerate the implementation of government and enterprise industries. Peng Fei, an expert in Alibaba Cloud CDN products, said: The solution has been recognized by customers in many fields such as finance, media, government, aviation, and auto companies. Alibaba Cloud CDN hopes to build an extremely fast and secure Internet experience with customers. In response, Alibaba Cloud also launched CDN acceleration, DDoS protection, and advanced WAF free trial activities to help more enterprises lower the threshold for using the solution. For details, you can log in to Alibaba Cloud's official website and search for "Government and Enterprise Security Acceleration" to learn more.

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