The evolution of the one-stop data AI platform from the Alibaba Cloud Summit

See MLOps clearly from Ali's one-stop AI platform

Although there are many topics involved in this Alibaba Cloud Summit, what interests me the most is Mr. Jia's "The Evolution of Big Data on the Cloud and AI Development Paradigm", because the second half of AI is about the ability to land on the ground, how to quickly and accurately Complete data governance and model iteration requires not only NB's algorithm personnel and method wheels, but also a complete infrastructure, otherwise it can only be a small workshop operation.

Alibaba Cloud Summit Anyone who has studied modern history knows that the efficiency of a small workshop can never be compared with that of a large factory in the industrial revolution Alibaba Cloud Summit. So how to change from a small workshop to an efficient algorithm factory? Disassembled, the core is three parts:

data governance
Algorithm exploration
process paradigm
Why these three? In fact, from the layout of Alibaba Cloud Summit AI platform, we can see that data governance, which is the root of model training, is promoted through the integrated platform of big data and AI. The full-link PAI platform of machine learning can quickly implement AI engineering in the form of a standard process paradigm.

Full Link Data Governance

Data governance can be said to be the biggest obstacle to the large-scale implementation of AI Alibaba Cloud Summit. Every company finds that the most work is spent on various kafka docking, data integration, data processing, data cleaning, and data verification when the algorithm project is implemented, and the rapid corruption of the data system in the working mode that prioritizes development efficiency became an unavoidable fact Alibaba Cloud Summit.

The core of data governance is to improve the efficiency of data services and save engineers from the whirlpool of data, instead of doing all kinds of low-value work with data every day Alibaba Cloud Summit.

Algorithm exploration artifact notebook
I believe that every algorithm development, and even most python developers have used the jupyter notebook web IDE. It can be said that this IDE maximizes the interactive advantages Alibaba Cloud Summit.
Today, it is not surprising that Mr. Jia proposed the concept of jupyter web server. Whether it is the colab that google has been pushing, or the jupyter server of kubeflow, the essence is such a product, and even the function of jupyter server has long been used as kubeflow. The core selling point outside of workflow.
An algorithm development environment that can be used at any time, this must be the rigid need of every algorithm personnel, and it is also the most suitable for combining with cloud technology. Using cloud native technology can provide algorithm personnel with a complete development environment with sufficient resources at any time. Start developing quickly. This Alibaba Cloud Summit really cuts into the pain point of a lot of algorithm people.

AI Process Paradigm

When it comes to the PAI platform, I actually hide my emotions, because in 2016, I also led my team to build a big data visualization modeling platform. At that time, the product design was based on the interface of the PAI platform. However, in recent years, PAI The rapid development of the platform is no longer the big data machine learning modeling platform with drag-and-drop functions, but has gradually become an MLOps platform integrating visual modeling, interactive modeling, and elastic reasoning services.
In particular, the combination with cloud native allows her to provide more possibilities to empower developers. In fact, this problem was exposed when she was working on a visualization platform, that is, the flexibility and adaptability of complete visualization operations Sex is very poor, which is why low-code platforms have emerged in recent years Alibaba Cloud Summit.

Here is a bold prediction, the Alibaba Cloud PAI platform should introduce git version management in the future, completely opening up the whole process of algorithm engineering, and paving the way for Alibaba Cloud Summit AI engineering by providing efficient development of the whole process.

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