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From the traditional cloud service development model to the cloud development platform model, can this play a guiding role in Alibaba Cloud?

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Alibaba Cloud Summit 36氪 was informed that on June 9, the Alibaba Cloud cloud development platform was officially launched. The platform is based on Alibaba Cloud Serverless, a one-stop, all-cloud development platform for individual developers and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Alibaba Cloud Summit According to data released by IDC, from 2014 to the present in 2019, Alibaba Cloud has gradually surpassed Google and IBM, and has become the third largest cloud vendor in the world. Microsoft is also known as the "3A" vendor in the international cloud computing market. According to Canalys statistics, Alibaba Cloud's market share in China is 45.4%, which is 2.58 times that of the second place Alibaba Cloud Summit.

With the frequent efforts of major manufacturers and the rapid growth of the cloud service market, application development will gradually migrate to the "cloud + terminal" service model, and cloud computing will become the infrastructure of society. Du Huan, the person in charge of the cloud development platform, told 36氪 that many underlying services in the future will be completed on the cloud, while applications and interactions will be solved on the user side, which will bring about the evolution of the development model, and this “cloud + terminal” The evolution of the development model is more significant for the front-end development industry and the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship Alibaba Cloud Summit.

The vision of Alibaba Cloud Cloud Development Platform is to help developers use cloud computing capabilities more efficiently and at lower cost, and provide users with out-of-the-box cloud computing services.

Du Huan told 36氪 that the current industry pain points of Alibaba Cloud Summit services mainly come from three aspects:

1. Many Alibaba Cloud Summit service providers have many cloud capabilities including computing, storage, network, etc., and there are many types, even if there are countless similar products under the same service type.

Therefore, Alibaba Cloud Summit when developers want to choose products for business landing, the learning cost is very high. Developers often need to compare products from different manufacturers. Even for many small and medium-sized enterprises and individual developers, they do not have the ability to identify products and need to learn cloud service products for their business. This process often requires high costs and cannot achieve the effect of integrating cloud service products and services.

2. Start-ups cannot obtain low-cost and sustainable architecture services. For these users who need business expansion and a large number of rapid trial and error business, if they want to ensure the continuous rapid growth of the business, there is not enough time to think about the architecture in advance. If there are defects in the architectural design, the future products will not be able to support huge traffic after they are launched Alibaba Cloud Summit.

The time window cannot be missed. From an idea to the actual implementation, it needs to go through the development of business logic, joint debugging and testing in several environments, and online deployment. These processes often take days or more, and developers worry about missing the window. From testing to landing, access users will experience explosive growth, and CPU resources, memory, bandwidth, and connection pools will easily lead to downtime if there is no strict development calculation.

3. The cost of acquiring a suitable architect is higher for SMEs. The current architect resources in the industry are mainly concentrated in leading manufacturers. For start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises, the relative cost of using architects is too high. In the industry, positions that are good at the development Alibaba Cloud Summit side are generally allowed to learn and complete the corresponding work, which is generally not efficient.

The Alibaba Cloud cloud development platform caters to the current major industry pain points of cloud services, simplifies the process of using cloud services for users, and combines real-time flexibility and pay-as-you-go to ensure the stability and low cost of cloud service usage for users. In addition, CloudIDE, a cloud development platform, has built-in common development environments such as Node.js, Java, Python, and PHP. Users can develop, debug, and launch applications by opening a browser, which can also lead to customer acquisition of Alibaba Cloud services. the role of flow.

The main business process of Alibaba Cloud cloud development platform starts from the user logging in to the cloud development platform. Users can select a solution application template in the "scenario" to create and develop applications, and finally deploy, debug, and launch applications in different environments such as daily, pre-release, and online. . In addition, the Alibaba Cloud development platform will also open up the industry solution market, and development service providers in the industry can also enter the platform to provide out-of-the-box services for more industry application development ecosystems Alibaba Cloud Summit.

Du Huan told 36氪: “When the cloud development platform analyzes a solution, the core will do two things, one is to analyze and generate a cloud-native serverless architecture based on Alibaba Cloud’s product matrix, and the other is to rely on The resources are preprocessed such as packaging and uploading; then start generating tasks, and perform production, creation, and installation one by one until an industry application is initialized and completed. In terms of technical language, this is the "serialization and deserialization of application cloud services." "the process of."Alibaba Cloud Summit.

According to the type of service, existing cloud computing is divided into three categories: IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service). The difference between these three types of services is the continuous extension of services. The business scope of Alibaba Cloud Cloud Development Platform covers these three types of services. However, at present, both PaaS and SaaS services need to be based on IaaS, and a large number of enterprises often purchased a lot of IaaS services in the early days, so the current cloud service business is still concentrated on IaaS. According to data from iResearch, China's IaaS service market reached 63.82 billion yuan in 2018, while the PaaS market has shown relatively high market prospects relying on the significant growth of containers, databases, cloud communications and other fields. There are still large doubts about the SaaS service model in China, and with the continuous expansion of basic cloud applications and the improvement of vendor services, my country's cloud computing services will still focus on IaaS+PaaS services in the next few years.
What developers need is a simpler cloud service model, and sometimes it is necessary to manage the accounts of multiple cloud service providers to operate, which also promotes the birth of the multi-cloud management platform (CMP). At present, there are multi-cloud management platforms such as Xingyun Butler and Boyun in China. Although Xingyun Manager and other platforms do not provide direct cloud services, they support the services of mainstream cloud service providers including Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Azure, and Cloud, and can improve the platform's expansion capabilities through plug-in iterations. At present, Xingyun Butler has more than 70,000 enterprise-level registered users. Alibaba Cloud Cloud Development Platform said that it will also access open products and services from more manufacturers in the future.

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