Seven Key Capabilities of AIOps

This article mainly describes that only good AIOps tools that meet the seven basic requirements of enterprises can consolidate business strategy results and provide reliable IT operations capabilities.

What Is Cloud-Native | The Application Value of Cloud-Native

For users of cloud computing, it is especially important to understand what cloud-native is. Cloud-native is to use the original cloud-native system in the design, development, deployment, and other cycles.

Getting Started with Containers

This article explains the definition of containers, their benefits, the difference between containers and virtual machines, and how Docker and Kubernetes relate to containers.

How Alibaba Cloud Helps Build a New Cloud-Native Data Lake System

This article introduces how to combine Alibaba Cloud's basic services and rich computing engines to create a new cloud-native data lake system.

Data Lake VS Data Warehouse

This article will analyze the difference between a data lake and a data warehouse, and introduce the new direction of the integration and evolution of the two - lake warehouse one.

What Is a Data Lake | Basic Architecture of a Data Lake

This article includes the following: 1. What is a data lake 2. Basic architecture of a data lake 3. Cloud-based data lake framework, the next article will introduce the difference between a data lake and a data warehouse.

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