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What is machine learning

In cloud computing, virtualization refers to hardware virtualization, which means to create virtual machines within an operating system (OS).

Difference between machine learning & artificial intelligence

AI and ML are used interchangeably by a lot of people but AI is more like a superset of ML and is even a wider field in scope. Though it is a bit vague to define AI (boundaries) as it keeps on changing with the advancement of technology, in simple terms, AI can be defined as a science to make computers behave in a manner that brings them closer to human levels of intelligence and capability.

What is supervised learning

Supervised learning is the term used in ML (machine learning) to refer to learning systems (machine learning models) which are trained to produce appropriate output for a given input. The key word there is trained: in other words, we have at least some data where we know what the output should be for a given set of inputs to the machine learning model.

What is deep learning

Deep learning is a machine learning technique that uses artificial neural networks consisting of multiple layers.

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