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Date: Oct 1, 2022

Chinese real estate developers are shifting gears with the unprecedented tightening of housing macro policies and the industry's financing environment. In general, some real estate companies are still betting on traditional residential real estate, while others are trying to transform and develop across fields Apsara conference 2022.

Seazen Holdings has started a comprehensive strategic transformation since 2014, from the original "residential" to "residential + commercial" industry combination, forming two major business segments with two-wheel drive. At present, Wuyue Plaza, a commercial project of Xincheng, has grown into a new representative of China's commercial power. At present, Seazen Holdings has jumped into the domestic top 3 echelon in the field of commercial real estate Apsara conference 2022.

If Apsara conference 2022 characteristics of residential real estate are "heavy input and fast output", then the characteristics of commercial real estate are "heavy assets and long-term operation". Although the "downward" pressure from the traditional real estate market is an important factor for many real estate companies to increase the layout of commercial real estate, it is undeniable that the commercial asset management business is a new force for the future sustainable development of the industry, and also an important driving force for the continuous growth of real estate in the second half. However, in the commercial real estate field, there are already many mainstream brands that have formed a sticky customer base, and it is not easy to get a share of the pie. In Apsara conference 2022 context of commercial real estate development and operation, it is unsustainable to rely solely on traditional models. Therefore, many real estate companies are trying and exploring digital transformation paths Apsara conference 2022.

Issues and challenges of digital transformation in the commercial real estate industry
The traditional value of commercial real estate is to use the "field" to aggregate merchant brands and passenger flow to form a "transaction" platform, and charging rent or commission is the main profit model. Therefore, traditional retail real estate operation indicators and organizational models are based on the two value points of "field" and "transaction" (ie, development site selection, property maintenance, investment/occupancy rate management, and marketing operations Apsara conference 2022).

The digital transformation of commercial real estate can completely help companies improve their professional operation capabilities Apsara conference 2022, improve the operational efficiency and marketing efficiency of "fields", and truly meet consumer needs and increase the income of merchants, thereby realizing the industrial chain. win-win. However, for the application of intelligent technology, traditional real estate and commercial operators are not good at it. Therefore, many enterprises have encountered various problems and challenges on the road of digital transformation. Generally speaking, there are the following categories Apsara conference 2022.

1. The IT department is only a service support department, the platform and technology are relatively closed, and there is no foundation for digital transformation

Apsara conference 2022 traditional real estate enterprises, affected by the business model of the industry, the IT department is only a service support department, and the platform and technology are relatively closed. With the growth of enterprise scale, fierce competition, complex consumer demand, and higher and higher requirements for collaboration between business formats, if real estate companies want to maintain continuous growth, if they only rely on the inertia of internal IT construction, it is almost impossible to achieve digital capabilities. Upgrading, which requires enterprises to complete the transformation from inward-oriented IT management to an open IT management platform. These open and agile digital bases are also an essential foundation for industry transformation Apsara conference 2022.

2. The thinking is "offline", no attention is paid to data, and limited data is basically not precipitated, opened up, and analyzed Apsara conference 2022

In the process of commercial real estate operation, most enterprises do not have "online" thinking and do not pay enough attention to data. Several systems that IT departments have built continuously in the past are difficult to integrate and interoperate, resulting in wasted costs and low efficiency Apsara conference 2022.

Apsara conference 2022 reason for the neglect of data lies in the inertia of traditional management thinking. The leadership generally still stays in the reporting stage, and does not realize the deep logical relationship between data and business, and even limited data There is basically no precipitation and opening, resulting in digital transformation being hindered.

3. Don’t know consumers, who are the consumers who enter the shopping center, and what their preferences are Apsara conference 2022

In traditional commercial real estate operations, data labels and portraits of member users are generally not valued. The ultimate source of income for commercial real estate is inseparable from final consumers. Consumers’ needs can be more explicit and precise through data. The consequence of missing these data is that the operation and cost input of commercial real estate are often ineffective. However, traditional shopping malls basically lack the identification of consumer flow, let alone insight into consumer behavior and preferences. When commercial real estate operators cannot accurately perceive and gain insight into consumers entering the "field", they cannot provide better services to consumers.

4. Lack of cross-industry ecological big data, it is difficult to achieve intelligent scene link closed loop

Commercial real estate provides a "field" that connects merchants and consumers. This "field" is not only to meet the needs of consumers on the side of merchants, but also to provide consumers' lifestyles, including but not limited to Consumers' clothing, food, housing, transportation, entertainment, shopping, travel and other fields. Shopping malls actually meet people's lifestyles. Since the needs of public life scenarios span multiple industries, commercial real estate must realize cross-industry ecological links, and use ecological big data to meet the needs of consumers' life scenarios to the greatest extent.

The Exploration and Reform of the Digital Transformation of Seazen Holdings
The executives of Seazen Holdings realized that the business operation of more than 100 shopping centers only relying on traditional experience is far from enough. It is necessary to meet the development trend of the industry and realize efficient operation through data empowerment. Therefore, the senior management of Seazen Holdings has been actively transforming the layout based on the digital needs of the commercial real estate industry.

First of all, in terms of digital base, Seazen Holdings has gradually migrated its data center to the cloud. Based on the agility, openness and flexibility of cloud computing, Seazen Holdings’ commercial real estate has a basic platform for transformation. Immediately afterwards, Seazen Holdings took Tianning Wuyue Plaza as a pilot for digital implementation. Tianning Wuyue Plaza is a newly opened commercial complex in Xincheng in 2019, and it is also an A+-level project of Xincheng Group.

1. Consumer perception based on data

Xincheng uses digital means to see the business district around the shopping center/mall, and cooperates with a third party. Taking the location of the shopping mall as the center point, it can quickly analyze the surrounding area profile, population profile, customer group characteristics, consumption habits, job and housing distribution And transportation facilities, etc., so as to further predict the source and distribution of passenger flow, the way of passenger flow and other data. Based on these data, the controllability of Seazen Holdings in the commercial development stage can be further improved, including the selection of shopping malls, the proportion of business formats, and the optimization of investment promotion for related brands. The operation of an excellent shopping center/shopping mall is inseparable from the mastery of the data of the business district: the heat map of the business district intuitively tells you how to choose the location; the consumption level of the population of the business district determines which brand to choose for investment; the source of the customer base determines the choice Which buildings and vehicles to focus on advertising, the effect of bidding on the project's marketing activities can be more significant.

In addition, Xincheng has also developed various customer touchpoints (APP, applet, official account, interactive guide screen, large screen, parking lot, smart equipment in the venue, etc.), including membership system, points, rights and other functions. Through these touchpoints, Xincheng can form customer portraits based on digital logic, and based on customer portraits, it can realize targeted customer marketing and further tap customer unit price and consumption potential.

2. On-site data operation based on passenger flow insights

With the advancement of technology, the acquisition methods of passenger flow are also constantly changing. From the initial manual counting to infrared sensing, to visual intelligence, face recognition, cross-mirror recognition, etc., the method of passenger flow statistics is becoming more and more efficient, accurate and comprehensive. Passenger flow has evolved from an imprecise number to a collection of insights about consumers. In cooperation with Alibaba Cloud and Sesame Technology, Seazen Holdings, through the digitization of passenger flow, can gain insight into the number of customers in specific projects, the number of people entering the store at different entrances and exits, hot areas, consumer movements, residence time, business operations of merchants, and merchant associations. situation, business flow, etc.

In the process of digitizing the passenger flow, it is particularly important to remove the heavy passenger flow. The traditional statistics are the number of visitors (Page View), that is, the number of visitors who pass through each entrance. A more scientific method is to count the number of visitors, that is, to The number of visiting customers (Unique View), this indicator can remove duplicate statistics, and can distinguish non-customers such as waiters, couriers, cleaners, etc. Using the number of customers instead of the number of people can not only reflect the popularity of the mall more scientifically, but also effectively prevent fraud in business assessment.

Taking Tianning Wuyue Plaza as an example, the number of repeat visitors reached 485,000 within three days of opening, 1.03 million in the first month, and the urban penetration rate reached 21.8%. In addition, the proportion of customers who repurchased in the first month reached 44.3%. Tianning Wuyue Plaza monitors passenger flow data in real time through the "big screen cockpit", including passenger flow lines, heat in the venue, passenger flow at each entrance and exit, distribution of main stores, membership status, customer group quality, etc. Real-time control of shopping mall operation trends. Provide data support for the adjustment, operation optimization and rent optimization of merchants in the mall.

As the first "smart mall", Tianning Wuyue uses data to empower customer-side service experience, mall-side smart operations and merchant-side smart services. There is intelligence everywhere in the venue. When parking and entering and exiting the venue, the gate camera automatically recognizes the license plate without sensing entry and exit. After leaving the venue, the fee is deducted. The vehicle entering the venue can realize indoor intelligent navigation and reverse car search function, which solves the problem of car search for customers as a whole. Difficulty and slow departure; all toilets in the venue are monitored with data to provide customers with occupancy and remaining space reminder services, so that customers can find more suitable positions. Automatic shopping points save customers from the tedious point process, and these points can be automatically deducted for parking discounts and more.

The new city redefines the relationship between developers, brand owners and consumers, and relies on data links to provide merchants with business capabilities and create rich and convenient business interaction scenarios for consumers. With the help of the Molli smart business data platform jointly developed by Alibaba Cloud and Sesame Technology, Tianning Wuyue Plaza has obtained "live" data, and has the ability to understand shopping malls, merchants and customers in real time. By interpreting customer trajectory data and intelligently collecting customers Group attributes and multi-channel analysis of consumer behavior and characteristics, gradually complete business data, assist shopping malls in attracting merchants, adjust shops, set rents, help merchants predict and guide consumption trends, and empower merchants' marketing channels, use digital marketing to promote drainage and transformation, and realize wisdom Guided by smart research, smart facilities and smart marketing, an "intelligent" shopping mall will be formed. It can be said that Wuyue Plaza is actually an online and offline traffic and big data platform.

The development trend of commercial real estate is data-driven smart operation
The digital age has come. For shopping malls, online and offline integration is the future trend. In the future, there will be no pure e-commerce companies, nor pure offline entity companies. Online and offline are user-centric and data-based. Only by optimizing the operation and management of shopping malls based on data reconstruction can we truly create a new model of shopping mall development.

The criteria for evaluating any model are cost efficiency and shopping experience. The future development and expansion of shopping centers based on data logic are based on these two points. A good model is to meet the requirements of low cost, low inventory, high efficiency of goods operation, high efficiency per square meter and revenue, and good user experience.

For Seazen Holdings, the development path of Wuyue Plaza Shopping Center is to realize the digital transformation of online and offline integrated intelligent operation based on the digital base, with users as the core and data as the link. Driven by data capabilities, Metropolis uses the platform to coordinate the management of data in various business segments, and achieve precise marketing and smart operations in the future. It is the key layout to promote the future development of the commercial real estate strategy of Metro Holdings, and it is also to promote the deep integration of traditional shopping centers and new technologies. all-round change.

The application of cloud computing and data technology in various scenarios of commercial real estate not only rapidly changes the development status of the industry, but also outlines the future development trend more clearly. In today's commercial real estate industry, it is not internal competition that subverts the traditional model, but changes in consumers and external challenges. When digital technology breaks the boundaries of the industry and the old and new forces interact and merge, the boundaries of the organization are where the users are Apsara conference 2022.

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