Intelligent operation and maintenance robot - Apsara 2022

Date: Oct 1, 2022

​In September 2017, as a typical intelligent product of "human-machine integration" in the Alibaba Cloud data center, the data center operation and maintenance robot with autonomous inspection function made its debut at the Apsara conference 2022. After a lapse of four years, after the unremitting efforts of engineers and technical iterations, the Apsara conference 2022, a new generation of Alibaba Cloud intelligent operation and maintenance robot system combined with data center operation and maintenance, asset security management and other business scenarios, made a new appearance in Alibaba Cloud's top ten core technology exhibition areas , attracting many visitors with its high-precision hard disk maintenance operations Apsara conference 2022.

Different from the products 4 years ago, the Alibaba Cloud intelligent operation and maintenance robot displayed this time integrates many advanced technologies, including mobile navigation technology for autonomous positioning, robotic arm operation technology for trajectory optimization, and target recognition technology based on deep learning. The combination of intelligence and machine technology can realize complex IT operation and maintenance operations of varying degrees, and assist staff in daily inspections of the data center environment, remote task invocation, on-the-job supervision, and data center asset security management Apsara conference 2022.

Today, data center operation and maintenance have increasingly high requirements for refined management. From "unattended" to "unmanned management", how to use the combination of "hardware + artificial intelligence" to free up operation and maintenance manpower and improve data center operation efficiency, Alibaba The cloud intelligent operation and maintenance robot handed in a satisfactory answer. In the Alibaba Cloud data center, IoT technology is used to link multiple devices in the data center, such as access control systems, front-end hard disk spare parts cabinets, and back-end waste safety boxes, so as to realize the linkage of the entire data center business through intelligent operation and maintenance robots. And get through: that is, starting from a new hard disk entering the data center, and finally turning into powder out of the data center through an automated production line, the whole process is automated, which not only improves the efficiency of on-site operation and maintenance, but also ensures the asset and data security of the data center.

Alibaba Cloud's intelligent operation and maintenance robot has formed a complete set of automation solutions for the operation and maintenance business of medium and large data centers. Platform, providing multiple deployment solutions such as cloud or on-premises. In the future, Alibaba Cloud's intelligent operation and maintenance robot system will expand to many special operation and maintenance industries such as electric power, rail transit, petrochemical, etc. with its excellent performance, and promote the intelligent evolution of social infrastructure operation and maintenance service system.

In addition, during this Apsara conference 2022, Alibaba Cloud also cooperated with partners to hold the innovation event "Data Center Operation and Maintenance Robot Technology Innovation Forum", and built a simulated scene of the data center on the spot to provide independent demonstrations and demonstrations for the participating robot teams. In the robot debugging space, the technical characteristics of data center operation and maintenance robots are displayed in a centralized and comprehensive manner in a multi-mode of "keynote speech + simulation scene demonstration + exhibition area display".

Apsara conference 2022 forum Viewpoint Collection

Future-oriented intelligent operation and maintenance industry market thinking and sharing

Alibaba Cloud Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Robot System Sharing

The intelligent robot system with operational capabilities will become an important part of the data center operation and maintenance system, realizing the closed-loop linkage of online and offline business operations in the data center.

Future-oriented intelligent operation and maintenance sharing

Apsara conference 2022 data center operation and maintenance robot is modular, tool-based design, on-demand deployment, elastic architecture, and realizes efficient and low-cost operation of the data center through intelligent management.

Apsara conference 2022 smart inspection solution sharing

AIOps will become an important boosting force for the intelligent development of data centers. Green, modular, automated, virtualized, intensive, and secure operation and maintenance services of data centers have become a trend.

Apsara conference 2022 intelligent robots accelerate the "smart master" operation and maintenance of data centers

The combination of intelligent robots and full-scenario DCIM will bring data centers more timely on-site troubleshooting, more perfect asset deployment management and control, and more secure visits by external personnel. Although there is a long way to go, it is coming Apsara conference 2022.

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