Elasticsearch scenario application - Apsara 2022

Date: Oct 1, 2022

Why attend the Apsara conference 2022 ?
This year is an online method. Participating in the conference is actually watching live broadcasts or replaying videos Apsara conference 2022 .

I have mentioned that my idol is Yu Minhong on many occasions. Many years ago, he gave a speech in colleges like this: "My chat with Jack Ma, do you want to hear it? Of course you want to hear it, because what we talk about is all from books. unreachable content".

Yes, theApsara conference 2022 is full of big names. As an Elastic fan, I want to watch the content that I can't see or learn at ordinary times Apsara conference 2022 .

Among the four dimensions of cognition, "don't know you don't know" is the most terrifying Apsara conference 2022 .

Three Elastic Stack Solutions Apsara conference 2022

"3 + 1" strategic scenario Apsara conference 2022

"3 + 1" refers to the three core business scenarios of Elastic Enterprise Search, Elastic Full Observation, and Elastic Security based on the Elastic Stack.

1: Represents - Elastic Stack Apsara conference 2022 .

3: stands for - search, observability, security.

1) Search - without too much introduction, traditional search scenarios, such as web search, APP search, etc.

2) Observability - it is the trinity around enterprise infrastructure data, logs, metrics, and APM Apsara conference 2022 .

3) Security is a direction that Elastic focuses on, and this piece of Elastic is also an industry disruptor.

Elastic is the first manufacturer in the industry to provide an open-source and free endpoint security protection solution, and recently released its own open-source detection rule library. Openness, transparency and community collaboration will be the best choice for dealing with large-scale security threats in the future. Build your own SOC team to protect your digital assets with Elastic's SIEM and endpoint protection solutions Apsara conference 2022 .

Zero to Hero Elastic Stack Learning Path Apsara conference 2022
Mr. Li Meng has a smooth writing style and spicy comments. He has written many beautiful Elasticsearch actual blog posts.
Mr. Li Meng talked about his thoughts in this edition, and summarized them as follows.

systematic learning Apsara conference 2022
Abandon the thinking of assembly learning and fragmented learning.

It is true that the moment you encounter a problem and solve it, you have a sense of accomplishment, but without systematic thinking, it is easy to either "sitting on the well and watching the sky" or "drilling the bull's horns Apsara conference 2022 ."

How to improve Apsara conference 2022 ?
1. Cognition must be very correct

2. Learn Elasticsearch with a broad mind. The deficiencies of ES can be improved in combination with other solutions.

3. Know what the Elastic Stack can and cannot do?

4. Position yourself, development, architecture, operation and maintenance, source code, algorithm, different positioning, different learning paths Apsara conference 2022 .

However, to go deep, source code is necessary.

5. Read more books and watch more videos.

6. More communication, everyone's business scenarios and knowledge systems are limited.

Communication includes but is not limited to: experience exchange, project exchange, cognitive exchange, etc.

Awesome Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch
Simple - unlimited storage space and computing power

Easy to use - rich retrieval function extension (face recognition, dsl2sql)

Inexpensive - various scenario packages

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