A virtual DOM-free version of Vue is coming


I don't know which of the above points you are most concerned about? What I am most concerned about is $ syntactic sugar and no virtual DOM mode. I don't know if you have found it. Since 2021, no virtual DOM framework/library/compiler has gained a lot of attention. The most typical two projects:

It can be seen that the Star that Svelte has grown on GitHub last year is close to Vue, and even beats the old classic framework Angular!
Satisfaction even surpasses React and Vue, (Tucao: Angular, this satisfaction trend...)

The level of interest also dominates the list, but this time it is just the opposite: Svelte beats Solid, Vue beats React (more and more people are interested in Vue). Angular's decline has been shown, and the gas is exhausted? don’t worry! The next option (Usage) is to let Angular tell you what your uncle is always your uncle:

This perfectly explains why Solid and Svelte are so popular, young! Toss! If you are 50 or 60 years old (there should be no programmers of this age in China), you are not willing to toss those messes.
Opportunities and Challenges
Recently, the front end has become more and more complicated. If you go to interview for a slightly more advanced position, it is estimated that you will probably ask you how to compile Vue in two modes (even if you are not interested).
But I found that many people are very interested in making a component library by themselves. You can find out how many articles related to component library are there from the list of articles. In addition, many articles that teach you to build component libraries are also highly praised, and there are many articles recommending component libraries made by yourself.
It's a pity that most of the component libraries made by individuals are self-rewarding, and few people use them. On the one hand, individual developers may delete the library at any time and run away, which is unstable. Who knows how many bugs there are in that thing you wrote? On the other hand, everyone is more willing to use Star's many component libraries to prove its stability.
So if you want to get a share of the mainstream component library, it is still very difficult. So is this virtual DOM-free mode now a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? However, I still feel that there is little hope, because those mainstream component libraries will definitely follow up immediately and develop a version without virtual DOM adaptation.
Regardless, I'm looking forward to this experimental feature. Because of this compilation strategy, compiling into web components is likely to be a very good choice. In short, look forward to the arrival of no virtual DOM!

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