Ali programmer invented "couple quarrel artifact"

Recently, Ali has a programmer named Hupao who invented a "quarrel artifact".

What kind of black technology is it?

Like many couples, Hu Pao and his girlfriend usually quarrel and bicker. But he gradually realized a profound question: "Why do I always get scolded after a fight?"

After quarreling, he will regret, sometimes he regrets saying the wrong thing, sometimes he regrets not playing well.

Hu Pao, born in 1994, is an algorithm engineer

Yes you read that right, 94 years!

So, he thought of a good habit he developed at work: review!

Just like writing code for a project, after a quarrel, you can also record it through voice-to-text, and you can perform a "quarrel review" afterwards.

It is also very difficult: to intelligently distinguish who is speaking, and to retain the complete voice of the dialogue between the two people, divided into characters and characters.

Fortunately, Hupao is an algorithm engineer, and his business field is also related to this. He spent half a year hiding in his room after get off work, secretly tinkering with the machine without his girlfriend.

His girlfriend found out that he had secretly developed a "quarrel artifact", thought it was "funny and ridiculous", and scolded him again.

After half a year, this quarrel artifact was finally invented.

It looks like a large voice recorder, but the biggest difference is that using Alibaba Cloud's ASR (speech-to-text) service, through the microphone array technology, you can clearly hear who said what.

With this artifact, every word he quarrels with his girlfriend can't be fooled.

Colleagues from Hupao have also heard about this machine. After trying it out, they feel that the effect is not bad, and they are ready to try it together.

At present, they are conducting research and development according to multiple sound source scenarios. They hope that this product invented by "wonderful idea" can be applied to more scenarios in the future, such as meeting plans, who said what, and can be accurately recorded.

Hu Pao said that through this artifact, the young couple gradually found fun in the quarrel records, and the quarrels were also reduced a lot.

Sometimes when we take out this machine during a fight, the two of us are happy. "Did you not love me anymore?" This quarrelling sentence, the girlfriend also said less and less.

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