HttpCode 错误码 错误信息 描述
403 Forbidden.AccessKeyDisabled The Access Key is disabled. AccessKey无效。
403 Forbidden.NotSupportRAM This action does not support access in RAM mode. RAM用户不支持的操作。
403 Forbidden.RAM You are not authorized to operate on the specified resource, or this API does not support RAM mode. 你没有被授权操作该资源,或者当前API不支持RAM。
403 Forbidden.RiskControl This operation has been identified as an abnormal operation and cannot be processed. 此操作已被确定为一个操作异常,无法处理。
403 Forbidden.SubUser The specified action is not available for you. 当前用户无法执行该操作。
500 InternalError An unknown error occurred while processing your request. 处理请求时出现未知错误。
403 InvalidAction The specified action is invalid 不合法的操作。
400 InvalidParameter %s 不合法的参数。
400 InvalidParameter.LengthExceeded %s List型参数的长度超过规定值。
404 InvalidParameter.NotFound %s 参数未找到。
400 InvalidParameter.ValueExceeded %s 参数值超过规定范围。
403 LastTokenProcessing The previous token request is being processed. 之前的token请求正在处理中。
400 MissingParameter %s 必填参数缺失。
409 OperationConflict The request was denied. It conflicts with a previous request. 该请求被禁止,因为与之前的请求冲突。
403 RealNameAuthenticationError Your account has not passed the real-name authentication yet. 您的阿里云账号还未通过实名认证。
503 ServiceUnavailable A server error occurred while processing your request. 处理请求时出现服务器异常。
503 ServiceUnavailable.RegionMaintaining System maintenance is in progress on the selected region, please wait a few minutes before trying again. 在该选定区域,系统正在进行维护中,请稍候再尝试。
400 SignatureNonceUsed The request signature nonce has been used. 请求的签名已经被使用。
400 Throttling You have made too many requests within a short time; your request is denied due to request throttling. 短时间内请求过多。
403 UnsupportedHTTPMethod This http method is not supported. 不支持的HTTP方法。
403 Forbidden.RamRoleNotExist The specified RAM role does not exist. 该RAM角色不存在。
403 Forbidden.Unauthorized You are not authorized to operate on the specified resource. 您在未认证的情况下操作该资源。
403 Throttling.Vcpu.PerDay The maximum number of request for the day has been exceeded. 当天的请求配额已经超出。
403 InvalidVSwitchId.IpNotEnough The specified VSwitch does not have enough IP addresses. 交换机没有足够IP地址。
503 containerRepositoryAuthorizationFailed An error occurred while authenticating the container image repository. Make sure that you have activated ACR, and try again later. 容器镜像仓库认证失败,请确认是否开通了阿里云容器镜像服务(ACR)。
400 IdempotentParameterMismatch Request uses a client token in a previous request but is not identical to that request. client token和请求参数不匹配。
400 IncorrectStatus %s 指定的实例状态不正确。
400 IncorrectOperation You cannot perform this operation on the specified resource. 当前的资源不支持该操作。
400 IncorrectUserTemplateFormat %s 用户传入的模板格式不正确。
403 RegionNotSupport The specified Region is not supported. 该地域还未开放,暂不支持。
400 UnknownError An unknown error occurred while processing your request 处理请求时出现未知错误。