When tags are bound to an unsuitable resource or are no longer applicable to resource management and retrieval, you can unbind multiple tags from resources at a time.


Tags are bound to resources. For more information, see Bind a tag.

Background information

  • You can unbind up to 20 tags at a time.
  • After a tag is unbound, if the number of resources bound to the tag is zero, the tag is automatically deleted.


  1. Log on to the Message Queue for Apache Kafka console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Tags.
  3. On the Tags page, select a tag key from the tag key list on the left.
  4. Select a tag value in the tag value section on the right.
    Note If no tag value is available, Null is displayed.
  5. Select one or more resources, and then choose Batch Operation > Unbind Tag.
  6. On the Tags page, click Refresh.