AGS 是阿里云基因服务的通用命令行工具, 目前主要集成 argo 功能并且适配阿里云各个产品的 addon功能命令。

AGS 下载和安装

AGS 默认使用阿里云ak调用各个服务,目前集成了阿里云日志服务用于收集Pod日志。使用此功能请在集群创建的时候选择开启日志服务。

执行如下命令,下载 AGS 工具并配置运行权限。
wget && chmod +x ags-linux && mv ags-linux  /usr/local/bin/ags 

ags config init根据交互式命令行输入CLI需要的信息,初始化完成后,配置文件会被默认存储到~/.ags/config文件中。可以通过ags config show展示配置好的信息。其中AccessKeySecret会被加密存储。

如果您需要使用日志采集功能,则需要配置ags config。另外为了安全考虑,您可以给CLI单独创建一个ak,赋予日志服务权限即可。

如果您使用的是Kubernetes 托管版集群,您可以通过kubectl工具连接集群,并执行如下命令,实现通过 CloudShell 使用 ags 命令行工具。
wget && chmod +x ags-linux && mv ags-linux  /usr/local/bin/ags

AGS 功能特性

  • 完全兼容argo 命令
  • Pod被删除后从阿里云日志服务拉取日志查看功能
  • 集成kubectl 命令,用户可以直接使用kubectl命令操作集群
  • 提供install uninstall 命令,一键安装或者卸载所需资源
  • get workflow 命令提供资源使用量查看功能
  • YAML 模板允许下划线等特殊字符
  • securityContext 安全支持
  • Pod pending/fails 状态与workflow 状态同步
  • YAML定义自动retry功能
  • 基于最近失败断点retry整个workflow
  • 支持 ECI Serverless Kubernetes 架构

AGS 基本概览

# ags
ags is the command line interface to Alibaba Cloud Genomics Compute Service

 ags [flags]
 ags [command]

Available Commands:
 completion  output shell completion code for the specified shell (bash or zsh)
 config      setup ags client necessary info
 delete      delete a workflow and its associated pods
 get         display details about a workflow
 help        Help about any command
 install     install ags
 kubectl     kubectl command
 lint        validate a file or directory of workflow manifests
 list        list workflows
 logs        view logs of a workflow
 resubmit    resubmit a workflow
 resume      resume a workflow
 retry       retry a workflow
 submit      submit a workflow
 suspend     suspend a workflow
 terminate   terminate a workflow
 uninstall   uninstall ags
 version     Print version information
 wait        waits for a workflow to complete
 watch       watch a workflow until it completes

     --as string                      Username to impersonate for the operation
     --as-group stringArray           Group to impersonate for the operation, this flag can be repeated to specify multiple groups.
     --certificate-authority string   Path to a cert file for the certificate authority
     --client-certificate string      Path to a client certificate file for TLS
     --client-key string              Path to a client key file for TLS
     --cluster string                 The name of the kubeconfig cluster to use
     --context string                 The name of the kubeconfig context to use
 -h, --help                           help for ags
     --insecure-skip-tls-verify       If true, the server's certificate will not be checked for validity. This will make your HTTPS connections insecure
     --kubeconfig string              Path to a kube config. Only required if out-of-cluster
 -n, --namespace string               If present, the namespace scope for this CLI request
     --password string                Password for basic authentication to the API server
     --request-timeout string         The length of time to wait before giving up on a single server request. Non-zero values should contain a corresponding time unit (e.g. 1s, 2m, 3h). A value of zero means don't timeout requests. (default "0")
     --server string                  The address and port of the Kubernetes API server
     --token string                   Bearer token for authentication to the API server
     --user string                    The name of the kubeconfig user to use
     --username string                Username for basic authentication to the API server

Use "ags [command] --help" for more information about a command.


您可以通过ags install 命令,一键安装AGS所需资源,无需手动安装。

也可以通过ags uninstall命令, 一键卸载AGS所有资源。