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What is Alibaba Cloud SMS?

Last Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Alibaba Cloud SMS is a messaging service that allows enterprise users to better engage their customers through short messages. You can now send promotion, notification and verification messages to mobile phones in over 200 countries.

Service capabilities

SMS provides the following capabilities:

  • Stability: SMS monitors sending performance in real time and supports carrier-grade system stability.

  • Availability: SMS supports the artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm for intelligent scheduling and assures High Availability.

  • Concurrency: SMS allows you to handle massive and highly concurrent workloads. During Double 11 singles day, Tmall sent 0.6 billion messages to 0.2 billion mobile numbers.




Describes the terms of Alibaba Cloud SMS.

Use the Quick Start feature in the console

Describes how to get started with Alibaba Cloud SMS.

Review guidelines

Describes the review guidelines of Alibaba Cloud SMS.

Send SMS messages to regions outside mainland China

Describes how to send SMS messages to regions outside mainland China.

Send SMS messages to mainland China

Describes how to send SMS messages to mainland China.