Only an administrator can purchase a Smart Access Gateway (SAG) app. After you purchase an SAG app, an SAG instance is generated. The administrator can use the SAG instance to create client accounts.


  1. Log on to the Smart Access Gateway console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Smart Access Gateway APP.
  3. On the Smart Access Gateway APP page, click Create SAG APP, and then set the required parameters as described in the following table.
    购买SAG APP
    Parameter Description
    Region The region where the clients of the SAG app are located.

    If the clients are located in another region, we recommend that you purchase an instance in that region. Otherwise, the clients will directly connect to networks in the selected region.

    Number of Client Accounts Specify the number of client accounts that can be created for the SAG app. Typically, each employee that needs to log on to the SAG app requires an account.
    Note Currently, SAG supports 5 to 1,000 clients. Pricing is tiered based on the number of accounts. For more information, see Software Billing.
    Data Plan Per Account The amount of free data usage allocated to each account. The data plan cannot be shared among different accounts. The data plan remains effective for the current month only.
    Note Currently, you can purchase only 5 GB for each account per month.
    Billing Method When Billing Plan is Exhausted If the actual data usage of an account exceeds the data plan, the amount that exceeds the data plan is charged based on the pay-as-you-go billing method.
    Subscription Duration The subscription duration of the data plan under each account. SAG supports monthly subscriptions and auto renewal.
  4. Click Buy Now, confirm the order, and then settle the payment.