This topic describes the limits, configuration process, and collection modes when you use Logtail to collect text logs from servers.


By default, each log file can be collected by using only one Logtail configuration.

To use one or more Logtail configurations to collect one log file, we recommend that you use symbolic links. For example, to use two Logtail configurations to collect the /home/log/nginx/log file, you can set up the symbolic link ln -s /home/log/nginx/log /home/log/nginx/link_log for the file. Then, you can set the original path of the log file for one Logtail configuration, and set the symbolic link for the other Logtail configurations.

Configuration process

Log Service provides a configuration wizard that can be used to configure log collection.

Configuration process

Collection modes

Logtail supports various collection modes, such as Simple Mode, NGINX Configuration Mode, Apache Configuration Mode, IIS Configuration Mode, Delimiter Mode, JSON Mode, and Full Regex Mode.