The data types for image information.

Node Name


Node name

Name Type Description
ImageId String ID of the image.
ImageVersion String Version of the image.
OSType String Platform type of the image system. Possible values:
  • Windows
  • Linux
Platform String OS platform.
Architecture String Image system. Possible values: i386 | x86_64.
ImageName String Name of the image.
Description String Description
Size Integer Size of the image.
ImageOwnerAlias String Alias of the image owner. Possible values:
  • system: Public images provided by Alibaba Cloud system.
  • self: Custom images.
  • others: Images shared by other users.
  • marketplace: Images available on the image market.
Osname String Display name of the OS.
DiskDeviceMappings DiskDeviceMapping Description of the system with disks and snapshots under an image.
ProductCode String Product code of the image on the image market.
IsSubscribed Boolean Whether the user has subscribed to the terms of service for the image product corresponding to the ProductCode. Possible values:
  • true: Indicates subscription has been made.
  • false: Indicates subscription has not been made.
Progress String Progress of image creation, presented in percentages.
Status String Status of the image. Possible values:
  • Unavailable
  • Available
  • Creating
  • CreateFailed
CreationTime String Time of creation. It is represented according to ISO8601. UTC time is used. Format: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mmZ.
Usage String Resource type with reference relationships: instance/none.
IsCopied String Is it a copied mirror. Possible values: true | false.