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What do I do if the "service does not respond to the startup or control request promptly" prompt is displayed when a service restarts on a Windows instance?

Last Updated: Dec 28, 2020

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Problem description

After installing the monthly quality and security update released by Microsoft on July 10, 2018, IIS, SQL Server, or FTP services in the stopped state cannot be started. In an attempt to use the command line CLI corresponding to an operation of the service tips "service has no entry for a CD timely respond to the start or control request (2147943453 8007041d)" The error message is as follows.

C:\Users\Administrator>IISRESET /STOP
Trying to stop...
Internet Service successfully stopped
C:\Users\Administrator>IISRESET /START
Attempting to start...
The attempt to start failed.
The service did not start or control the request accordingly in time. ( 2147943453 , 8007041d )


Due to the vulnerability of the product officially released by Microsoft, IIS, SQL Server and FTP services remain in the stopping state and cannot be restarted.


Depending on your instance version of the operating system, download and install the following Microsoft official release of independent security updates and then ECS console (restart an RDS for SQL Server instance) or through an API (RebootInstance) the startup of the instance.

Operating system of your instance Announcement address Patch download addresses
Windows Server 2008 R2 Announcement address windows6.1-kb4345459-x64
Windows Server 2012 R2 Announcement address windows8.1-kb4345424-x64


Application scope

  • ECS