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URL signing for live streaming

Last Updated: Sep 28, 2020


This topic describes the FAQs about authentication in apsaravideo live.


Whether the time can be modified after a signed URL is generated

For authentication in apsaravideo live, after you set the validity period to generate a signed URL, you can modify the validity period, but the signed URL also changes. Before the validity period expires, the original signed URL can be used normally. If you want to change to the modified validity period, the signed URL must be changed to the modified URL address.

Can the live video be forwarded and shared with others in the form of two-dimensional codes?

You can use a QR code to share the playback link with other users, but the customer must set a long authentication time. If no authentication is set and QR code scanning is used, users usually scan the QR code through WeChat and broadcast it live in WeChat H5. pay attention to the playback format. For example, The m3u8 format is not supported by FLV.

Can multiple live domain names be used in live streaming authentication URL?

The authentication URL of apsaravideo live cannot be used by multiple authentication domain names.

Apsaravideo live Authentication API

Apsaravideo live does not provide apsaravideo live authentication APIs. Authentication is an algorithm instead of a functional interface. You can construct a streaming URL and use code to calculate the signed streaming URL. To calculate a signed URL, construct a function based on the URL signing algorithm. Then, the input item is the URL for video playback or stream ingest before authentication, and the function output is the signed URL.

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