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Failed MONGODB-CR authentication in apsaradb for MongoDB

Last Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Problem description

Before using M, when you use ongoDB, you can only use SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication, not MONGODB-CR authentication. Modify a configuration schema.currentVersion=3 when, the following error occurs.

        "writeError" : {
                "code" : 13,
                "errmsg" : "not authorized on admin to execute command { 
                            update: \"system.version\", updates: [ { q: { _id: \"authSchema\" }, 
                            u: { _id: \"authSchema\", currentVersion: 3 }, 
                            multi: false, upsert: true } ], ordered: true }"


MONGODB-CR authentication method has a security risk. Apsaradb for MongoDB does not support this authentication method and only supports the default SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication method.


There is no solution to this problem, which is limited by product design.


SCRAM-SHA-1 is the currently recommended authentication method, the following is the SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication process:

  1. The client initiates a SCRAM authentication request.
  2. The server sends a response to a challenge.
  3. The client responds with an attestation data and a combined string.
  4. The server uses the stored key and random parameters to generate a signature and verify the attestation data on the client.
  5. The client verifies the server signature data.

Compared with SCRAM-SHA-1, MONGODB-CR authentication has the following advantages:

  • Safety factor that can be flexibly adjusted.
  • Each user has an independent random coefficient.
  • A more secure HASH function.
  • Supports two-way authentication.

Application scope

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