Reasons for ICP Filing failure

Last Updated: May 03, 2018

If you submit an ICP Filing application, your filing information is first reviewed by the Alibaba Cloud. Once the review is passed, your filing information is forwarded to the local communications administration. After your filing information passes the communications administration review, the ICP Filing is successful.

If your ICP Filing application is rejected, it means that some information you submitted does not meet the ICP Filing requirements. In this case, you must update the data based on the reason for rejection as per the requirements of the local communications administration, and then submit the ICP Filing application again.

This document lists top 10 reasons for ICP Filing failure according to the feedback of Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing reviewers, and provides the solutions.

TOP 1: Incorrect domain name owner

Reason for rejection: The domain name owner is incorrect. That is, the information of the ICP Filing subject is different from that of the domain name owner.

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China, all the domain names for ICP Filing must be verified.

Make sure that your domain name meets the following requirements:

  • The top-level domain name has been approved by the MIIT.

  • Your domain name has been registered with and administered by a domain name registration agency authorized by the MIIT.

  • Your domain name is within the validity period.

  • Your domain name has passed the real-name authentication.

  • The information of the ICP Filing subject conforms with the real-name authentication information of the domain name registrant (domain name owner).

When reviewing the ICP Filing information, the communications administration checks whether the domain name meets the ICP Filing requirements and whether the information of the ICP Filing subject is consistent with that of the domain name owner (including the name, ID card number, business license, and other information). The ICP Filing application will be rejected if the domain name owner is different from the ICP Filing subject, even though the domain name meets the ICP Filing requirements.

Solution: Keep the domain name registrant information and the ICP Filing subject information consistent.

TOP 2: Invalid website name

Reason for rejection: The website name is invalid. That is, the website name does not comply with the naming rules, or violates certain rules and regulations, for example, the name contains banned or sensitive words.

Make sure that your website name complies with the following rules:

  • The website name must be related to the website content.

  • The website name must contain three or more Chinese characters.

  • The website name must not consist of only letters or numbers, and cannot contain any special characters.

  • If your website is not a website of a state organization, the website name cannot start with words like “China(中国)”, “Chinese(中华)”, “Central Government(中央)”, “People(人民)”, “National Congress(人大)”, “National/State(国家)”, and so on.

  • The website name cannot be the domain name.

  • The website name cannot contain sensitive words, such as “gambling(赌博)”, “anti-corruption(反腐)”, “incorrupt government(廉政)”, or “porn(色情)”.

  • For more restrictions on personal website names, see Personal website naming requirements.

Solution: Change the website name according to the naming rules.

TOP 3: Cross-province ICP Filing

Reason for rejection: Cross-province ICP Filing means that the documents of the ICP Filing applicant (organization or individual) are not issued by the local government of the province, autonomous region, or municipality.

Solution: Modify your information and provide more related documents according to your ICP Filing subject type and the requirements of the local communications administration.

  • Organizational ICP Filing: You cannot apply for ICP Filing across provinces. You must change the region in the ICP Filing information to where your organization is registered, so that your documents are accepted by the communications administration of the province, autonomous region, or municipality.

  • Individual ICP Filing: Read the requirements of the local communications administration. Submit the required documents. If documents such as the residence permit are not accepted by the local communications administrations, you have to change a province for ICP Filing.

TOP 4: Unqualified website content

Reason for rejection: The website content is unqualified. That is, the website content may contain banned content or content that requires pre-approval.

Pre-approval is required for the content of the following industries: journalism, publishing, pharmacy, medical instruments, culture, radio and television, education, healthcare, online car booking, and BBS.

Solution: Revise the website content or obtain pre-approval documents.

  • Revise the website content to comply with related laws and regulations.

  • If your website content involves the fields that require pre-approval, request a pre-approval, provide the pre-approval number in the ICP Filing information, and upload the pre-approval document. For more information about how to obtain a pre-approval, see How is pre-approval handled.

TOP 5: Unqualified documents

Reason for rejection: The document you provide are incomplete, or the images are unclear.

Solution: Submit all documents required by the communications administration, and make sure that the images of the documents are complete and clear.

Reason for rejection: The subject is not the legal representative of the organization.

Solution: Update the subject information and the documents for the ICP Filing according to the requirements of the communications administration.

Make the legal representative of the organization the subject of the ICP Filing, or provide the letter of authorization signed by the legal representative (only accepted by some communications administrations).

TOP 7: Incorrect telephone number

Reason for rejection: The telephone number is incorrect. That is, the provided telephone number is not in the number segment of the region where you apply for ICP Filing, the number is unreachable, or the call is not answered.


  • Provide a telephone number that is in the number segment of the province, autonomous region, or municipality where you apply for an ICP Filing.

  • Make sure that the number is reachable and calls are answered.

    Note: Some communications administrations set restrictions on telephone numbers. Make sure that the local communications administration accepts virtual phone numbers if you plan to use a virtual phone number.

TOP 8: Unqualified verification form

Reason for rejection: The verification form is unqualified. That is, the submitted verification form does not meet the requirements of the local communications administration or is not filled as required.

Solution: On the document uploading page, download the template of the authenticity verification form for the region where you apply for ICP Filing, enter information in the form according to requirements, and upload the form again.

TOP 9: Mobile phone number used for ICP Filing more than once

Reason for rejection: That is, the mobile phone number has already been used by another ICP Filing subject.

Solution: Change a mobile phone number.

TOP 10: Incorrect ICP Filing type

Reason for rejection: The ICP Filing type is incorrect.

Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system identifies your ICP Filing type based on the information you entered. Incorrect ICP Filing types are typically resulted from incorrece information entered. For example, the name of the ICP Filing applicant or the document number is wrong.

Solution: Check the entered subject information, and modify the incorrect information.

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