What is the ICANN domain name-related email verification compliance policy?

All registrars are required to formulate appropriate review policies and processes according to the relevant ICANN rules to guarantee business compliance. This serves to promote the normal and smooth provision of the overall domain name service.


How does Alibaba Cloud implement the ICANN compliance policy?

  • To register a domain name, you must select the email verification template. Otherwise, the domain name cannot be registered.
  • To modify the information of a domain name (including any changes to the domain name holder, administrative contacts, technical contacts, and billing contacts), the domain name holder’s email address must also be verified. Otherwise, the modification process cannot proceed.
  • When transferring domain names to Alibaba Cloud or performing bulk operations, you must select the email verification template. Otherwise, the process cannot proceed.

How do I perform email verification?

Log on to the Domain console and go to the Email verification page to perform domain name email verification. Enter the email address and submit it for verification. Then, log on to this email address to complete verification.

How do I remove a domain name clienthold due to pending email verification?

The clienthold is automatically removed after the domain name holder’s email address is verified.

After my email is verified, do I need to verify it again later?

After an email address is verified, you do not need to verify it again, unless you delete the verified email address yourself. A single email address needs to be verified only once for a single account. However, you can apply to verify the same email address multiple times across multiple accounts.

Is there a maximum number of email addresses I can verify?

No. However, up to 500 email addresses can be verified for a single Alibaba Cloud account each day.

After I manually delete a verified email address, do I need to verify the email address when it is used to register a domain name?

Yes. Once you delete your verified email address, you must verify the email address when it is used to register a domain name or modify the information about the domain name.

I have not submitted any email addresses for verification, so why do I have a verified email address?

To reduce your workload and improve user experience, we import verified email addresses from other Alibaba Cloud use cases, so you do not need to verify these email addresses again. For example, verified email addresses for a domain name are automatically transferred into Alibaba Cloud and included in the verified email address list.