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Wildcard domain acceleration

Last Updated: Nov 21, 2017

Alibaba Cloud CDN supports wildcard domain acceleration.


Wildcard domain indicates using a wildcard to create a CDN domain, thereby accelerating all its subdomains. For example, adding .test.com as a CDN domain means that after *.test.com is resolved to the CNAME domain created by CDN, all subdomains of test.com (for example a.test.com) support acceleration. NOTE: Third-level domains (such as b.a.test.com) of a wildcard domain (*.test.com) do not support acceleration.

Currently, the following acceleration services support wildcard domain acceleration:

  • Acceleration of images and small files.
  • Acceleration of large file downloads.
  • Acceleration of on-demand video/audio.

Rules for adding a wildcard domain

  • The length of a CDN domain cannot exceed 100 bytes.
  • A wildcard domain can be a maximum of four levels (For example, *.b.c.com).
  • The user is billed for traffic generated for all the subdomains of the wildcard domain the same way as for an ordinary domain. The resource monitor gathers all the traffic generated for the wildcard domain. A wildcard CDN domain is billed as a single CDN domain, with no precise billing data provided for individual subdomains.


A log file is provided for each wildcard domain in a specific time period. The log file contains log information for all subdomains of the wildcard domain.

URLs or folders of wildcard domains are not supported for cache refreshing or pushing. URLs and directories of precise domains can be refreshed.

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