If the extension label label aliyun.log_store_xxx: xxx is added in the application but no logs are collected to Log Service, follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue.

Troubleshoot the issue by following these steps and do not skip the steps.

1. Check whether or not Logstore is successfully created

The application is not successfully deployed if Logstore is not created. Check if any error message about deployment is in the application Events.

2. Check the ilogtail version

Run the command docker ps|grep ilogtail on the machine and determine the version of the ilogtail image according to the output. If the version is 0.11.6, upgrade the system services to the latest version (currently, the latest version is 0.13.4). After the upgrade, query the logs in the Log Service console after the application generates new logs.

3. Check the ilogtail logs

Run the command docker exec -it <ilogtail container ID> cat /usr/local/ilogtail/ilogtail.LOG and determine what the issue is according to the ilogtail logs. Common possible reasons include:

  • Network is not connected. Determine whether the network is connected or not by running the following command:

     Virtual Private Cloud (VPC):
      telnet logtail.cn-<region>-vpc.log.aliyuncs.com 80
      telnet logtail.cn-<region>.log.aliyuncs.com 80
  • AccessKey is not configured.

    Unauthorized ErrorMessage:no authority, denied by ACL appears in the logs if the primary account does not configure the AccessKey. Create the AccessKey for the primary account first. Check whether or not the primary account configures the AccessKey even if Unauthorized ErrorMessage:no authority, denied by ACL does not appear in the logs.

4. Check whether or not the machine IP is in the Log Service machine group

  1. Log on to the Log Service console.
  2. Click the name of the Log Service project that corresponds to the cluster. The project naming rule is acslog-project-<first 10 letters of the cluster ID>.
  3. Click Logtail Machine Group in the left-side navigation pane.
  4. Click Machine Status at the right of the machine group and check if the IP address of the current machine is in the IP list.

5. Check whether or not the primary account configures the AccessKey

Make sure the primary account has at least one enabled AccessKey.

6. Check whether or not the log file has contents

Enter the business application container and determine whether or not logs are actually generated. For stdout logs, use the docker logs command directly.