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NAS mount directory rules

Last Updated: Aug 05, 2018

When you create a cluster, specify the NAS mount point and remote directory.

Assume that the user configuration is as follows:

  1. ClusterId=ehpc-mrZSoWfz8M # E-HPC cluster ID
  2. VolumeMountpoint=045324a6dd-meb81.cn-hangzhou.nas.aliyuncs.com # NAS mount point
  3. RemotePath=/pbs/home # Remote directory

On the nodes (such as computing nodes) of the newly created cluster, the mount logic is as follows:

  1. Create level-2 and level-3 directories in the remote directory based on the cluster name.

    1. /pbs/home/ehpc-mrZSoWfz8M/opt
    2. /pbs/home/ehpc-mrZSoWfz8M/home
  2. The following mount operations are performed:

    1. Mount /pbs/home to /ehpcdata
    2. Mount /pbs/home/ehpc-mrZSoWfz8M/home to /home
    3. Mount /pbs/home/ehpc-mrZSoWfz8M/opt to /opt

    Note: Create the remote directory for NAS in advance, so it usually sets as the default root directory.

    1. RemotePath=/

The preceding configuration using a non-root directory is only for reference.

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