What can I do if my expected domain name has been registered by another person/entity?

Domain names are unique. When a domain name has been registered successfully, it cannot be registered by other people. However, you can try to search for other domain names. For example, if your expected domain name “abc.com” has already been registered, you can still register “abc.net” or “abc.cn”, which has no difference in use. There is no difference in the use of the domain name of "abc.net" or "abc.cn".

If you really want to own a domain name that has already been registered by others, generally you can only negotiate with the current registrant of the domain name, and see if the registrant is willing to transfer the domain name to you.

You can enter the domain name to view its current registrant through Alibaba Cloud WHOIS.

Can I register multiple domain names for the same website?

Yes. No restriction is applied on the number of domain names that can be registered by each person/organization for a website.

To be specific, you can register a domain name with different extensions, or multiple domain names for one website. When you are planning such a registration, consider the following:

  • Registering a domain name with different extensions (such as www.commpanyname.net and www.companyname.con) guarantees the uniqueness of your company brand,  Domain names with different extensions can also be used to build websites in different languages for convenient access by people in different countries.
  • Registering multiple domain names that point to the same website allows Internet users to easily find your website.  This allows users to find your website even if they have misspelled, or do not even know how to spell the complete URL of your website.
  • You can associate different domain names with sales promotion and activity advertisement websites, to propagate a special activity or facilitate a new product release or new project.
  • You can also register a .com or .net domain name to send emails, which allows you to communicate with others in a professional manner. Your email address can contain your company name or brand name, instead of simply @hotmail.com or @gmail.com.

What kind of contact number is required in the domain registration information?

When you fill the domain name registration information, the contact number is mandatory, but you can provide either a landline phone or mobile phone number.

How long can I register a domain name for?

Common domain names such as .com/.net/.cn can be registered for up to ten years.

What is the difference between the domain registrant and administrative contact?

Domain registrant and administrative contact are two different entities.

A registrant is the owner of the domain name. If the domain name is owned by a company, then the registrant indicates the company name. If the domain name is owned by an individual, then the registrant indicates the individual’s name. The registrant information must be genuine, accurate, and complete.

The administrative contact is the contact person responsible for domain name daily management. Make sure that the contact person can be promptly reached by the contact number and email, and can receive domain name related emails normally.

If the domain name owner is an individual, then the domain name management contact can be the same person as the registrant.

Can I request for a refund or change the order once I make the payment for a domain name?

No. Once you make the payment for a domain name, you cannot withdraw the order or change any information within. A refund is not available. If you have purchased an unexpected domain name by mistake such as incorrect spelling, you can only register the expected domain again, and keep the unexpected domain at the same time.

If you register a domain name from the Chinese site of Alibaba Cloud (aliyun.com), the domain name must pass  real-name authentication.

  • You cannot delete a successfully registered domain name. For the unexpected domain name, you must wait for it to expire.
  • If you do not want to use a domain name as the domain name for your website, you can delete the DNS information on the console.

Do I need to submit the same materials multiple times if I want to register multiple domain names with the same information?

No. If you use the same information to register multiple domain names, you can only submit the materials once.

To do this, you must add all these domain names to the shopping cart and make payment for them at the same time.

How can I know if a domain name has been registered successfully?

Go to the Alibaba Cloud Domain service homepage, enter you domain name, and click Search to search the target domain name.

The result can tell you whether or not the target domain name has been registered. For a domain name that already be Taken, you can go to Whois system to view its registration information. Check the information of the domain name. If the domain name information is not your information, log on to the console to modify it.

What can I do if the domain name I purchased remains in the processing status?

If your order stays in the processing status after you make the payment, consider the following situations:

  • Trademark protection: The domain name you attempt to register is protected by the Registry and cannot be registered. In this situation, our business personnel will change the order status as soon as they detect the domain name is reserved. Also, you will receive an email notification about this change. In this case, you have to register another domain name.

  • Incorrect registration information: The registration information you provide before the payment is incorrect, and the Registry does not approve this registration.

    In this situation, our business personnel will request you to update the information and help you resubmit it to the Registry for approval. This process repeats till the registration is successful. In this case, it may take up to one business day.

  • System upgrade: System upgrade may cause short suspension of business processing. The system will reactivate the business and complete the purchase after the upgrade.  In this case, please wait for 30 minutes and check again.

.hk domain name

The domain name registration management institution for .hk domain names is Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited (HKDNR).

.hk domain name registration is on a first come first served basis. If you have any dispute over any domain name, contact Hong Kong International Arbitration Center.

Dispute handling for Chinese and English .hk domain names are the same. Because of the diversity of traditional and variant Chinese characters, the arbitration award may cover all possible combinations of traditional and variant Chinese characters.