The cluster creation in Container Service might fail because of some errors. Some common errors and solutions are as follows for your reference:

  • Server Load Balancer error. (You can provide the RequestID to the support staff.)
    Config cs AcessRouting failed : Failed to CreateLoadBalancer:Aliyun API Error: RequestId: 47AE1BFC-AFEA-469C-82F5-1E3BD81897F2 Status Code: 500 Code: InternalError Message: The request processing has failed due to some unknown error, exception or failure.
  • Docker configuration timeout. (Check the daemon logs.)
    Adding tags map[provider:aliyunacs acsversion:1.0 acsclusterid:xxx acsclustername:xxx] to instance xx
  • Zones are currently not on sale.
    Code: Zone.NotOnSale Message: The specified zone is not on sale.
  • Failed to create the cluster master.
    Creating Master Region Controller: 500 Internal Server Error
  • The security group exceeds the quota.
    Config cs ClusterNetwork failed : Aliyun API Error: RequestId: 264E5ADC-0571-44C0-8508-C037096856C7 Status Code: 403 Code: QuotaExceed.SecurityGroup Message: The security group quota exceeds.
  • The resource is insufficient.
    Failed to create instance: Aliyun API Error: RequestId: CC2FF296-D29E-484E-B095-8905CDA016BA Status Code: 403 Code: OperationDenied Message: The resource is out of usage.
  • The number of Server Load Balancer instances exceeds the quota.
    Config cs AcessRouting failed : Failed to CreateLoadBalancer:Aliyun API Error: RequestId: A1E5D644-C31A-4142-B722-CBD6EF57A3A7 Status Code: 400 Code: OverQuota Message: The Total is over the quota.
  • The number of shared images exceeds the quota.
    Fail shared image: Aliyun API Error: RequestId: 693F8B6C-9349-4277-B109-9841BFF1F76C Status Code: 404 Code: InvalidAccount.Forbbiden Message: The specified Account does not yourself.
  • The Elastic IP (EIP) exceeds the quota.
    QuotaExceeded.Eip Message: Elastic IP address quota exceeded
  • The Pay-As-You-Go Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances exceed the quota.
    QuotaExceed.AfterpayInstance Message: Living afterpay instances quota exceeded
  • Parameters are missing (basically when calling API).
    c7904aa1b9e3642fa8fbf440f48dfedb8 | Fail shared image: Aliyun API Error: RequestId: D2518C32-0C2B-4EAD-9F88-43A5C2AAF0C1 Status Code: 404 Code: InvalidAccount.NotFound Message: The specified parameter "AddAccount.n" or "RemoveAccount.n" does not exist.
  • Mismatched instance type. (This error is mainly from the API users.)
    InvalidInstanceType.ValueUnauthorized Message: The specified InstanceType is not authorized
  • The container ClasslessInter-Domain Routing (CIDR) block configured in the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment conflicts with the current route table CIDR block or the CIDR block of the VSwitch under VPC.
    InvalidCIDRBlock.Duplicate Message: Specified CIDR block is already exists