In the Guangdong province, if your website involves financial content, you must provide a statement when you apply for an ICP filing for your website. This topic describes the requirements for the statement stipulated by the Guangdong communications administration.

Note The format of the statement is not fixed, but the content must be truthful and complete. Take note of the following rules when you write the statement.
  • You must describe the business of your enterprise or organization, the website content, and information about the financial-related services in plain language.
  • You must completely describe the business scope.
  • You must state that your enterprise or organization will not engage in online financial services before permissions are granted to the enterprise or organization. In addition, the statement must have long-term validity instead of being temporary or valid for a specific stage.
  • If you are applying for an ICP filing for your enterprise or organization, the statement must be given in the name of the enterprise or organization.
  • The statement must be stamped by your enterprise or organization and signed by the legal representative, and the business license must be attached.