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Notes of filling in website owner information for record filing

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2017

The information of the record filing owner is the information of the person/organization who files the record and is filled out as follows:

  • Enter the organizer’s name, nature, certificate type, certificate No., and address according to the information indicated on your record filing owner certificate. For an organization, this is the business license and, for an individual, this is the individual’s ID card.

  • Organizer’s contact address: Enter the actual contact address. This can be an office address for a business or a home address for an individual.

  • Investors or superiors: List the investors or superiors associated with the organizer. Based on the nature of these entities, enter the full names of parent companies or organizations and the names of individuals.

  • Information of the person in charge: For an individual, enter personal information. For an organization, the communications administration requires you to enter the information of the legal person. You can view the following rules of the various provincial communications administrations.

The requirements for the preceeding information may vary by province. When entering this information, follow the system prompts. For specific requirements, click the Rules of communicatios administration for the rules of different provinces.

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