The CloudMonitor agent connects to the network once every three minutes using a heartbeat mechanism. If it fails to respond to a heartbeat for 15 minutes, the agent is assumed to be stopped.

A stopped agent may fall into two cases:

  1. The agent fails to communicate with the CloudMonitor server. If the agent used to run normally, you can reinstall the agent to fix the issue. In the the CloudMonitor console, click Host Monitoring and select the desired host, and then click the Install Agents in Batch button or Reinstall Agent.
  2. The cloud monitoring process has been withdrawn. In this case, you can run commands and check logs to locate the possible causes. This is usually because of a bug in the CloudMonitor. We recommend that you directly submit a ticket and keep the scene of the bug.

View the agent running status

  • Linux
    Sudo/usr/local/cloudmonitor/wrapper/bin/cloudmonitor. Sh status
  • Windows
    C:\"Program Files (x86)"\Alibaba\cloudmonitor\wrapper\bin\AppCommand.bat status

You can directly run the /usr/local/cloudmonitor/wrapper/bin/ command to view the help documentation.