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FAQs related to custom cleansing

Last Updated: Jun 01, 2018

This topic answers some frequently asked questions about custom data cleansing.

  1. How is a special character (non-printable character) used as the separator for splitting?

    If a non-printable character is 1 inside the ASCII codes, the corresponding separator is \u0001. If it is 2, then the corresponding separator is \u0002, and it goes on. To use tab as the separator, use \t.

  2. How is a special character tested on the flow configuration page?

    Because the non-printable character cannot be pasted to the browser page, you must replace the separator of a test text with a printable character temporarily for the test. After all the flow tests pass, replace the separators with the non-printable characters for the deployment.

  3. How to add more keys in the following key list?

    Add Items

    Click the white star on a blue background on the block.

  4. Can the logs in JSON format be split?

    Yes. The logs in JSON format can be split. However, no purpose-built JSON splitter is in place, so you need to combine the logic expression with KV splitter to achieve it. For more information, see the description on the KV splitter in Use custom splitting.

  5. Are cross-line logs supported (for example, abnormal stacks)?

    No. The cross-line logs are not supported currently.