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Illegal pages (porn, gambling, and drugs) on the website

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2018

If your website is identified by Alibaba Cloud Security to be containing illegal pages (porn, gambling, and drugs), or your Web pages encounter exceptions or contain unauthorized dialog boxes, these pages are blocked with immediate effect. In this case, we recommend that you first check your website code. You can find the locations of Web page files directed to by these URLs, view the code of these files, and verify if they are written or generated by yourself.

If not, it indicates that your server is penetrated by a hacker, who has imported malicious or illegal pages or code to your server. For this type of intrusions, you can manually delete these pages or code.

Note: This type of intrusions can be caused by your website’s business system, code logic, database vulnerabilities, or other non-server-security issues.

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