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Last Updated: Jan 25, 2018

Error message: [HSF-Provider] failed to find the to-be-called method.


  • This method is not provided for the provider. Log on to the EDAS Console, choose Application Management, and click the name of the application of the service provider on the left-side menu bar. The Application Details page is displayed. Click Service List on the left-side menu bar to check whether the corresponding service is successfully published.
  • An earlier version and a new version coexist. A service of a wrong version is called. View details of the service by using the foregoing method.
  • The interfaces of the provider and the consumer are inconsistent. For example, the parameter of the provider is java.lang.Double, and the consumer uses double to call a method.
  • Inconsistent interface classes are loaded for the provider and consumer. Check whether the values of MD5 in the interface JAR packages of the provider and consumer are consistent.