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What do I need to apply for an ICP license or ICP filing?

Last Updated: Jul 11, 2017

ICP license requirements

For an ICP filing you need to provide the following documents

The business license of the company or organization code.

A valid ID certificate of the person in charge of the business office in China.

A valid ID certificate of the person in charge of the websites (Non Chinese citizens can use passports).

A photo of the person in charge of the website taken against a blue background.

A completed ‘Filing Authenticity Verification Form’(downloaded from Alibaba Cloud system) to be submitted to MIIT.

For ICP commercial license

For commercial websites, you need to submit the below additional information about your business:

Copy of the original business license in China, with company seal on it

official name of company.

registered address of company.

Name of the investor(s) of company.

Type of company.

Contact person ID card number.

Mobile number.

Office phone number.

Email ID.

Note: All the above documents have to be filled by you or a company representative in Chinese characters.