File with Public Security Bureau (PSB)

Last Updated: Jan 12, 2018

Final approval from the Public Security Bureau (PSB)) in China is a required procedure for all websites. This final step of authorization and sign off by the PSB is known as PSB Filing. You must sign in and log on to the PSB Filing System (this is a government site available only in Chinese) .

PSB Filing procedure

The PSB Filing process must be completed within 30 days of opening your website for public visit. For the filing procedure, download the Guide for PSB Filing from the PSB Filing system (Only available in Chinese), and follow the guide to file with PSB.

Handle illegal information

Carefully read and follow the regulations and rules on the PSB Filing website.

Remove illegal Information

According to Chinese regulations governing PSB Filing, any illegal information present on websites must be immediately removed. Once illegal information is detected on a website hosted in an Alibaba Cloud instance, Alibaba Cloud staff notifies the client to remove the illegal information. If the client does not respond, we suspend the client’s service.

Handle PSB regulation violations

  • If a website is found to contain illegal information 3 or more times within 24 hours, Alibaba Cloud staffs notify the website owner by phone that the website is shut down, and the instance service is suspended without refund.
  • If the client cannot be contacted within one hour after the discovery of illegal information, the website is suspended and cannot resume service for a period of 12 hours. After 3 occurrences, Alibaba Cloud suspends the client’s service without refund.
  • If the client provides false information on their PSB Filing (for example, a fake phone number or fake email address), Alibaba Cloud shuts down the client’s website and suspend the client’s service without refund.
  • If the client does not delete the illegal information after receiving notice from Alibaba Cloud by phone call, Alibaba Cloud shut down the website and suspend the client’s service without refund.
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