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How to launch an image on ECS?

Last Updated: Mar 05, 2018

After you have subscribed, you can launch quickly in the marketplace using default configurations, or skip to ECS purchase page for more configurations.

Quick Buy

The Quick Buy in marketplace allows you to quickly review, modify, and then launch a single instance of the software with settings recommended by the seller.

For users with simple and clear demands, Quick Buy releases you from the complicated ECS instance specification configuration. You can place an order and run the purchased image product with a few simple steps.

  1. Open the image subscription page.
  2. Select a Pricing mode. You can choose Pay-As-You-Go or subscription.
  3. Select a region and zone.
  4. Select an image version and the image version information and description are displayed.
  5. Select an ECS instance specification (the specification varies with regions) and the ECS specification details will be displayed: CPU, memory, supported storage types.
  6. Select subscription duration ( if you choose “subscription” in the step 2).
  7. All estimated price packages are displayed in the pricing details.
  8. Click “Agree Terms and Buy Now” to complete the subscription.

Other configuration options are available in ECS purchase page, you can jump to it by clicking “ECS purchase page” and proceed to ECS advanced configuration if necessary.