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What ECS instance types for the images are generated on the marketplace?

Last Updated: Jan 12, 2018

Note: NOT all instance types support VPC network and I/O optimization.

Generation I

Instance Type CPU/Memory I/O Optimization
ecs.s1.small 1C 2G For SG
ecs.s2.large 2C 4G For US East/Hongkong/SG
ecs.s3.large 4C 8G For US East/Hongkong/SG

Generation II

Instance Type CPU/Memory I/O Optimization
ecs.n1.tiny 1C 1G For all region
ecs.n1.small 1C 2G For all region
ecs.n2.small 1C 4G For all region
ecs.e3.small 1C 8G For all region
ecs.n1.medium 2C 4G For all region
ecs.n2.medium 2C 8G For all region
ecs.n1.large 4C 8G For all region
ecs.n2.large 4C 16G For all region